Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Video - Chuck Colson's Two-Minute Warning: Break the Spiral of Silence





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How We Can Break The Spiral of Silence

This week's Two-Minute Warning Video:  No one likes to be out of step with the prevailing opinion. So it is human nature to keep quiet when you disagree. But it can also lead to a very dangerous spiral of silence.

We have added a second video to this week's line-up to accompany this very important message. It is an interview with Chuck on how we can break the spiral of silence and why it is so important. After you watch the Two-Minute Warning video, also watch the companion video here (or click on the lower image above) to view on YouTube. It starts with a clip of Chuck speaking at the DTRT simulcast as he discusses the urgency of forming a movement to impact our culture. In this clip he discusses how an entire culture - or a nation - can get trapped in an oppressive "spiral of silence," as happened to the Germans during the early 20th century. The video then moves to an interview format, and Chuck passionately explains the importance of Christians speaking out in our own culture. He then addresses some practical ways we can begin the process and become active, especially by working with the Manhattan Declaration movement.

To find other ways you can join the broader Christian worldview movement, stay tuned to the web site. We will be re-launching the site the second week in November and you will find a lot of information about the movement as well as suggestions on how you can become personally involved. -- Colson Center editors.

This week's theme, Breaking the Spiral of Silence, is also addressed in a powerful BreakPoint radio broadcast. "The Emperor's New Clothes: Breaking the Spiral of Silence" aired today. In the commentary, Chuck probes deeply into the human phenomenon of going along with the crowd, even when we know it is wrong. You can listen to the audio or read the transcript here. In addition, you can find other resources on this theme on the Two-Minute Warning page.

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