Sunday, December 4, 2011

Law Opens up bathrooms and locker rooms

From Maryland citizens for a responsible government:


The proposed Howard County, Maryland Gender Identity Law not only fails to protect the vulnerable children it fails to protect the privacy of women and children in lockers and showers. This puts them at risk not only from voyeurs who can take advantage of the law but also at increased risk or rape or death.


An example of how the law opens up the bathrooms and locker rooms is from Portland Oregon, Portland Oregon Gender Identity Law was passed in 2000 and heralded as a "major step in progressive policy,"


Yet the following occurred.


"Portland police are investigating whether a man arrested June 11 for dressing as a woman and entering the women's locker room at the Mount Scott Community Center in Southeast Portland has been doing the same thing at other community centers.

Sgt. Brian Schmautz said that Thomas Lee Benson was arrested on one count of invasion of privacy, one count of misuse of a public restroom and one count of failing to register as a sex offender after police responded to a report of a suspicious person at the Mount Scott Community Center at 5530 S.E. 72nd Ave.

According to witnesses, Benson, dressed in women's clothing, went into the women's locker room at least twice during a period of several hours. Once inside the locker room, he changed clothing with children changing into or out of swimming suits.

Benson is listed on the Oregon Sex Offender Registry, Schmautz said. Anyone with information is asked to contact Officer Bridget Sickon at 503-823-0878."


Why is security vigilance important? After passing the Gender Identity law in Montgomery County instead of reports of increased safety and security vigilance for women we have reports of rapes in bathrooms that have occurred at Montgomery College's Takoma Park campus, the Asbury Nursing home, the Pelican restaurant and the Bethesda Hyatt Hotel. Under "Gender Identity Laws" such as this women fear to complain about men invading their bathrooms as it could be labeled as "bigotry".

And security officers fear to take action as well.


In Philadelphia, instead of commending security for stopping full bodied male dressed as a female, from going to the dressing room it was demanded that security officials be reprimanded severely and undergo "sensitivity training". One has to ask what security officer would ever stop a male from going into a female restroom again?


Use common sense. Protect women and children.  Vote no to Howard Co. Gender endangerment law.

TAKOMA PARK, Md. (AP) - A man who pleaded guilty to raping a female student in the bathroom of Montgomery College's Takoma Park campus will spend 90 years in prison.

Nathaniel Hart was sentenced by a Montgomery County judge on Friday.

The 36-year-old pleaded guilty to entering a bathroom at the college in January 2010 and sliding under a stall to attack a 19-year-old student, telling her that he had a gun.

He was later arrested at a Silver Spring hotel.

July 16, 2011 - 08:59 pm

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