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PFOX and You




December 26, 2011

PFOX and You

The year of 2011 has been one of the busiest PFOX has experienced. The battle to bring truth and love to those who struggle with unwanted same sex attractions or gender identity disorder, and the families who love them, has been an uphill battle. Anti-ex-gay activists and their allies in the liberal media have attacked PFOX, people of faith, and families who support equal access and their children being taught the facts about sexual orientation.

PFOX started the year off in February by hosting an exhibit booth at the popular and heavily attended CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) in Washington D.C.  PFOX was one of only two social conservative organizations present at CPAC.  GoProud, a Republican homosexual activist group, also exhibited, so we were able to answer many questions from attendees curious about what GoProud was saying about homosexuality.

Without PFOX, conservatives from across the country would have received a one-sided message about homosexual behavior. GoProud members also came to our table, and we gave them our brochures and testimonies of freedom from homosexuality.  Thanks to your donations, we were able to pay for the exhibit booth to hand out our materials and speak to the many people who approached our booth. 

While the majority of the political organizations there professed to be conservative, most knew nothing about former homosexuals. But the truth came out, that homosexuality and gender identity are not immutable or in your DNA or genes, and that sexuality is fluid and changeable.

PFOX also hosted an exhibit booth at the American Association of Christian Counselors International Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. Over 7,000 participants/counselors from all over the world attended this special event. PFOX president Greg Quinlan staffed our booth, answered questions from an ex-gay perspective, and was visible poof that changing sexual orientation is possible. Therapists, social workers, and school counselors approached our exhibit booth with enthusiasm, telling us how appreciative they were to find us because they had been looking for educational homosexual literature for some time.  Our transgender brochures were also a popular resource.

At one point, Dr. Mark Yarhouse, who writes about sexual preferences and taught a seminar at the conference, passed our PFOX exhibit booth.  We stopped him and led him back to our booth so he could see our ex-gay brochures, meet former homosexuals, and speak to the spouses of ex-gays.  We told Dr. Yarhouse about the intolerance faced by former homosexuals and urged him to take our brochures.  We also answered questions about the ex-gay community from people who had attended Dr. Yarhouse's session and stopped by our booth. 

Also staffing the PFOX booth was Donna Lawlor, the wife of an ex-gay man. Donna is a witness for the fact that marriages and families can be saved through prayer, honesty and hard work. Ex-gays can and do raise beautiful healthy families.

This fall, PFOX was one of only 175 organizations invited to the Federal Partners in Bullying Summit held by the U.S. Department of Education in Washington, D.C.  Presenting our Bullying Brochure at the conference was ex-gay Christopher Doyle. Please read, copy and distribute our anti-Bullying brochure at http://pfox.org/Prevent-Bullying-at-School.pdf

PFOX ended our travels by hosting a booth at the Values Voter Conference in October. The Values Voter Conference in Washington D.C. gave us the opportunity to meet the Republican presidential candidates. PFOX personally provided the candidates with our ex-gay brochures and the opportunity to meet and speak to former homosexuals. We wore our 'Ex-gay Is OK!' buttons throughout the conference, a visible sign that invited people to stop and ask questions.

Throughout the year PFOX distributed thousands of educational fliers to public schools and shared our resources with organizations around the country. PFOX issued press releases, participated as guests on radio and television shows, and maintained a web and blog site to share our testimonies nationwide and internationally, judging from the large number of inquiries from around the world.

Postage and the costs of producing our newsletter have risen.  The costs of issuing vital press releases, traveling to display our exhibit booth, and renting booth space at national conferences to educate the public have also stretched our budget to the maximum.

As the year ends and we look forward to 2012, we need your help more than ever before. Our freedoms are under attack. Equal access, free speech, freedom of religion and the right to self-determination are being taken away, and ex-gays are on the chopping block. Organizations like PFOX are the target.

PFOX needs your prayers and financial support. We cannot succeed in getting our message out without advertising, media support, and attending national conferences. We understand how difficult it is during the ongoing recession to donate -- it means giving up something else. How do you place a value on saving our children and being able to bring them the gift of hope? We must provide help to those who are being denied the hope for the change they need; no child should be denied help. 

Please make a tax-deductible gift to PFOX as this year ends so we will be able to meet the challenges of 2012. PFOX is an all-volunteer organization -- we are not funded by any church or organization.  We do not rent fancy offices, own any buildings, or get paid salaries.  We do not hire fundraisers, so every cent you donate goes to PFOX. Without you, we could not exist.

If you postmark your gift before midnight December 31, 2011, it is tax deductible, whether made by check, cash, or credit card.  To donate, please go to http://pfox.org/donate.html

Thank you and God for making all of this possible.  Remember - no one does it but PFOX - and you!






Regina Griggs

Executive Director PFOX 


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