Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bureaucrats Defy Law, Mandate “Gay” Agenda in West Virginia Schools


Dear Friends of Family:


The 2012 WV Legislative Session has begun and we gearing up for an aggressive fight against the homosexual advocacy organization, Fairness of West Virginia. This group is responsible for abolishing West Virginia's comprehensive anti-bully policy 'Student Code of Conduct' Policy 4373. This policy was one of the best in the nation and in place for over a decade prior to the 2011 legislative session. 

The revamped 'Expected Behavior in Safe and Supportive Schools', Policy 4373 which replaced the Student Code of Conduct, is a "hate crimes" bully policy which seeks to identify "motive" and politicize public schools in order to promote the homosexual agenda rather than curb bullying.  

Read the entire story about this outrageous and unscrupulous power grab, including the individuals involved to force the radical homosexual agenda on our children and grandchildren!


Urge your state legislators to support your right as a parent to send your children and grandchildren to school free from homosexual indoctrination!


Please be polite and contact the following:


  • Governor Earl Ray Tomblin requesting he introduce legislation by Executive Order reinstating the previous 'Student Code of Conduct', Policy 4373. Tell Governor Tomblin you will pull your children out of public education and 'private' or 'home school' before allowing exposure to homosexual indoctrination.
  • Your state senators and delegates informing them of your anger H.B.3225 passed in the 2011 legislative session. Tell them you want to see this bill repealed and the previous provisions contained in H.B. 3023, (2001) creating the 'Student Code of Conduct', Policy 4373 passed again in this legislative session.
  • These legislators expressing your outrage for their key roles supporting passage of H.B. 3225, supplanting the 'Student Code of Conduct' and allowing for the promotion of the homosexual agenda in West Virginia's public schools. If these legislators represent your district, inform them of your expectations to work as diligently reversing the damage they have done by returning to the previous provisions contained in H.B. 3023 if they expect any chance of getting your vote in the next election.

We will keep you posted as developments occur.


Kevin McCoy, President
West Virginia Family Foundation


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The West Virginia Family Foundation advocates and defends policies based upon Biblical truth, advance religious freedom, the sanctity of human life and traditional family values.





The West Virginia Family Foundation advocates and defend policies based upon Biblical truth to advance religious freedom, the sanctity of human life and traditional family values.


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