Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Maryland Senate Bill 212 -- Gender Identity law

SB212 Punishes Marylanders:


1) Marylanders lose because government will redefine genderThe bill forces all employed individuals, employers (including those managing public accommodation facilities), individuals of faith, roommates, and schools to ignore reality and disregard a person’s legitimate ‘assigned sex at birth.’ Johns Hopkins Hospital stopped sex reassignment surgeries because it does not cure Gender Identity Disorder (GID), yet SB212 enforces ideology over opinions of respected medical professionals and the needs and concerns of the public.


2)  Marylanders lose because schools and day care centers are not exempted. No one has studied the effect that transgender school personnel will have on children’s gender identity.  Bills such as these will require schools that are employers to begin tolerance training. In Montgomery County, children are taught that transgenderism is doing anything outside of the gender norm and that one can change their body to match the way they feel. There is no mention of the risk of steroids, that gender identity confusion is a disorder, or that some transsexuals regret their decision. No one has studied the effect on a child’s developing gender identity of having a kindergarten teacher begin the school year as a male and end as a female.  SB212 plays Russian roulette with vulnerable children.


3)  Marylanders lose because the rights of a narrow special interest group are promoted above those of the people.  Gender identity bills have been controversial in states such as Maine, Florida, and Colorado. Despite 26,813 verifiable referendum signatures in Montgomery County, Maryland to allow the people to vote on the new gender identity law, the democratic efforts of the people were attacked by officers and members of Equality Maryland (EM), including Dana Beyer (county council aide and EM vice president), which spent over $80,000 in legal bills to silence voters and take away their right to vote on the county Gender Identity Bill. Duchy Trachtenberg, who sponsored the bill, was the only Montgomery County legislator not re-elected to office.  See


4)  Marylanders lose because the bill forces a change in societal norms, takes away the freedom of Marylanders to disagree with those who cannot accept their gender, mandates acceptance of ideology, can be used to force genderless marriage, and could lead to employers being required to carry costly health insurance that funds sex change operations.


5)  Marylanders lose because the bill does not provide religious exemptions for individuals. Since the bill fails to contain a clear statement that “it is not discrimination to use pronouns reflecting birth sex” or a freedom of conscience exemption, it acts as a reverse discrimination bill which takes away religious freedom and the freedom of Marylanders to recognize biology as fact.


6)  Marylanders lose their privacy rights because the bill acts as a Peeping Tom law, forcing women and young children to share locker rooms, bathrooms, and dressing rooms with transvestites who are sexually attracted to women.  Women are vulnerable to peeping toms, predators, and rapists.  Gender identity laws dismiss women’s concerns and enforce acceptance of a mental illness over gender reality.


Maryland Citizens for Responsible Government


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