Monday, February 20, 2012

Quirky Tom Quirk

Problems Lurk in Quirk’s Bill

An op-ed by Ruth Jacobs, M.D.

What is it about Baltimore County councilmember Tom Quirk?  He sponsors a “gender identity” bill to legalize transvestite behavior with the result that cross-dressing men will be able to enter the ladies’ room.  Then he fails to understand how this could be a problem.   

Naturally upset that they will be forced to share their bathrooms with men, a long line of women testified before Quirk and asked him to consider their privacy and safety concerns.  Rape victims complained that his bill opens the door to peeping toms and cross-dressing men still sexually attracted to women.  Yet Quirk ignored legitimate female concerns and self-righteously asked  -- “What would Jesus do?”

Yes, what would Jesus do about people like Thomas Lee Benson, a cross-dressing sex offender  re-arrested for invading a female locker room?  Benson explains why he can't stop dressing like a woman:  "In order to achieve that goal of having you think I am female, I have to do things that victimize other people… Yes, I have done things in the past that are bad, but I would also remind people I do not go around having sex with young girls anymore…”

Would Jesus make it easier for Benson to enter the women’s locker rooms -- again?  That seems to be what Quirk believes. 

When told that his bill discriminates against women by taking away privacy rights, Quirk tells us that “women cannot be discriminated against” because females are the “majority.

Then why did it take until 1920 for women to have the right to vote, Mr. Quirk?  Why aren’t we “majority” females able to use public bathrooms without worrying about men with lipstick and high heels barging in on us and our small children?   Is it because we do not have the political power that transgenders and their gay lobby have?   After all, we are just wives, daughters, mothers, and grandmothers, and not lobbyists with funding and a staff.

Gender identity laws dismiss women’s realistic concerns and enforce acceptance of a mental illness over reality.  When women are not respected by society, they are more likely to lose rights.  Women recognize each other.  We have messy periods, change diapers, adjust our bra straps, buy tampons, apply makeup, yak with other women, and breastfeed – all in the ladies’ room.  We are vulnerable to crazy voyeurs, pedophile predators, and rapists.  Our privacy and protection is sacrosanct to us and therefore should be to society as well.  Yet Quirk seems surprised that women do not want any law that would open our protected areas, our bathrooms and locker rooms, to males. 

Quirk also claims he doesn’t want discrimination against transgenders.  Then he wouldn't want discrimination against anyone based on sexual orientation, right?  Yet members of the ex-gay community have repeatedly asked Quirk to include former homosexuals in his bill, but he ignores them.  If Quirk wants to protect people who changed their gender, why doesn't he also protect people who have changed their sexual orientation?  It seems he is providing protection only to his favored groups.

Tom Quirk, do the right thing and kill your gender identity bill -- it discriminates against women.

Ruth Jacobs is the President of Maryland Citizens for a Responsible Government.



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