Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thanks to Councilmember Legislator

Action Alert –  Send a Thank You Email to a Wonderful Woman


PFOX thanks Baltimore County Councilmember Cathy Bevins for meeting with representatives of the ex-gay community to hear our concerns that former homosexuals be included in the County’s proposed sexual orientation non-discrimination law.  As it stands now, the bill protects the identification of heterosexuality, homosexuality, and bisexuality, but does not expressly extend to former homosexuality.


Councilmember Bevins expressed real concern that ex-gays not be discriminated against in public accommodations, education, and employment. 


Please email or call this gracious lady to thank her for meeting with the ex-gay community, and ask her to please include former homosexuals in her proposed sexual orientation bill, Human Relations Bill No. 3-12:


The Honorable Councilmember Cathy Bevins



Please call or email TODAY!!


Without the inclusion of former homosexuality in the bill, ex-gays in Baltimore County will not have the sexual orientation nondiscrimination protection that other groups enjoy.  For example, Towson University in Baltimore County explicitly rejected PFOX’s donation of ex-gay materials, although gay, transgender and bisexual materials are promoted.  With a sexual orientation law that specifically includes former homosexuals, ex-gays will finally have equal access to education in Baltimore County and be allowed to include ex-gay materials in County schools for full diversity.



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