Tuesday, March 20, 2012

America Is In Danger of Losing Its Soul; Does Obama Favor Homosexuals?

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America Is In Danger of Losing Its Soul
What happens when a country loses its soul? Genevieve Wood, a vice president at The Heritage Foundation, describes Greece as "a country that's lost its soul." Ms. Wood says, "What we're seeing there should really terrify us in terms of what could be coming in our direction."

Does Obama Favor Homosexuals?
A California attorney says President Barack Obama's nomination of The Golden State's first openly "gay" federal judge just adds to the evidence that the chief executive favors homosexuals.

Pastor Charles Stanley Reveals Some of His Preaching Secrets
Charles Stanley revealed to pastors last week some of the secrets and practices that have helped him become one of the most influential and widely heard preachers in the world.

Will Egyptian Copts Face More Persecution Since the Death of Pope Shenouda III?
Death of Coptic Pope Leaves Millions of Egyptian Chrsitians Without Spiritual Leader in Uncertain Times.

Judson Press Presents 2011 Ministry Award to Dr. Gardner Taylor
Reverend Dr. Gardner C. Taylor, of Raleigh, North Carolina, has been named the 2011 recipient of the Judson Press Ministry Award. Dr. Taylor served as pastor of Concord Baptist Church in Brooklyn for 42 years and is the author of the six-volume series, The Words of Gardner Taylor (Judson Press).

Wisconsin Church Begins 'Adults Only' Services for Sex Offenders
A Wisconsin church has recently begun holding biweekly church "adults only" services, in part as a way to allow convicted sex offenders to worship.

Is Obama a Desperate Democrat?
Last summer, President Obama desperately attempted to forge a long-term deficit reduction deal with Congressional Republicans.

Justice Department to Investigate Death of Trayvon Martin
The growing national attention -- and outcry -- over the case of an unarmed black teen in Florida who was fatally shot by a neighborhood watch captain has culminated with the federal government's announcement that it will launch an investigation.  

Tim Tebow: What's Next for Him After Peyton Manning Picks Broncos?
Peyton Manning has made his choice and, because it's the Denver Broncos, Tebow Time is likely to come to an end.

Bickering Congregations Responsible for Pastors Leaving Their Church
They are called "clergy killers" -- congregations where a small group of members are so disruptive that no pastor is able to maintain spiritual leadership for long.

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