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Enemies List Now a Common "Gay" Intimidation Tactic

March 2012 ed. 06


"Enemies List" Now a Common "Gay" Intimidation Tactic

From advocates of "tolerance"....

Here's the latest:

WASHINGTON – The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation has created an enemies list of 36 commentators – including pastors, authors, radio talk-show hosts, pro-family activists and researchers – in an effort to limit the effectiveness of
their media outreach....

The people targeted by GLAAD include: Alan Chambers, Albert Mohler, Bill Donohue, Bob Emrich, Bob Vander Plaats, Brian Brown, Brian Camenker, Bryan Fischer, Candi Cushman, Christopher Plante, Chuck Colson, David Barton, Don Wildmon, Frank Turek, Gary Bauer, Glenn Stanton, Harry Jackson, Jennifer Roback Morse, Jim Daly, Jim Garlow, Joseph Farah, Ken Hutcherson, Kevin McCullough, Lou Engle, Maggie Gallagher, Mat Staver, Matt Barber, Michael Brown, Penny Nance, Peter LaBarbera, Peter Sprigg, Rick Scarborough, Robert George, Scott Lively, Tim Wildmon, and Tony Perkins.

ARTICLE continues

Mission America Falsely Named Hate Group

Southern Poverty Law Center continues persecution of pro-family Christians

We have only a few words to respond to this bigoted hypocrisy: dumb, untrue, and almost laughable. What so threatening about people who proclaim traditional biblical values?

The good news is that we are in prestigious company: our friends at American Family Association, Family Research Council, Americans for Truth, Mass Resistance, Abiding Truth Ministries, Save California, and others are also on this enemies list.

But Fred Phelps is also on the list, which of course is intentional: guilt by implied [but nonexistent] association.

This attempt to link pro-family groups to true hatred is not going to prevail. Most people can see through these reprehensible tactics of desperation.

If you'd like to see the list, go

To read our friend Peter LaBarbera's supportive article at
Americans for Truth, go

Scott Lively Accused in Bogus Soros-Backed Suit

Statement from Dr. Lively, Defend the Family

On March 14th a lawsuit was filed against me in Federal District Court under the Alien Tort Statute which allows Americans who are alleged to have committed serious violations of international law to be sued by foreigners in the U.S. court
system. The plaintiff is a homosexual activist organization called Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG), and the law firm which filed the action is a George Soros-funded Marxist group called the Center for Constitutional Rights...

This lawsuit is ridiculous on its face, being mostly a rehash of debunked arguments the left has made for the past three years, all on the general theme that my preaching against homosexuality in Uganda is the singular cause of persecution of
homosexuals in that country.

Liberty Counsel has agreed to represent me in the suit.

ARTICLE continues

Heath, Madore will Defend Marriage in Maine

Formation of "No Special Rights" PAC

...The leader of Maine's Roman Catholics announced last week that he will not campaign against homosexual marriage. The Lewiston Sun Journal quotes a sodomy based marriage advocate, and an evangelical church leader, applauding the Bishop's decision.

"It is good that Christian leaders are speaking out, teaching and organizing," said Rev. Michael S. Heath. "We must, however, go further than teaching and politicking. Sexual immorality is wrong in every way, and must be vigorously

Paul Madore has joined Heath in five previous statewide elections related to sodomy. Three were peoples vetoes. Madore and Heath led Maine's most dramatic rejection of "gay rights" in Lewiston. Two thirds of the voters rejected the idea.

More HERE.

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