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Marketing the Hate Brand


March 2012 ed. 07

Marketing the Hate Brand

Linda Harvey, WND

There is one way you can get away with slander, libel, bullying and abuse in America today: Become a self-appointed leftist arbiter of “hate.” Identify your chosen targets to feature in your new “Hate” brand, and then let the attack dogs loose. I mean, it’s OK to hate “haters,” right?

Homosexual activists and their allies have become quite skilled at marketing the Hate brand. Jeers, vulgarities and name-calling are only the beginning. The goal is to keep their easy-to-manipulate followers simmering in a bitter stew of misinformation and sexual entitlement, and then unleash their power in focused humiliation/intimidation campaigns.

The Hate label has been affixed to an array of conservative luminaries recently. The newest enemies list of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, GLAAD, is a who’s-who of respected leaders and journalists... GLAAD has decided that Hate is the shameful badge these folks must now wear. Isn’t this what used
to be called “shunning”?

And then the legal arm of Hate brand management just lobbed a grenade at pro-family lawyer and pastor Dr. Scott Lively.

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Southern Poverty Fraud Center

Expose article from last year by Atlas Shrugs

The SPLC has reserve funds of $52 million...Just what the Law Center does with all that money is a source of concern. Some who have worked with Morris Dees call him a phony, the ‘television evangelist’ of civil rights who misleads donors...

For 15 years, people throughout the country have sent millions to the (SPLC) to fight the Ku Klux Klan and other supremacists. But critics say the law center exaggerates the threat of hate groups...

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