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Maryland Marriage Referendum -- The Petition Drive is Officially Launched!

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Dear Maryland Marriage Supporters!

Thank you for your continued interest in upholding marriage in Maryland and in our efforts to bring this issue to the voters in Maryland. We are pleased to announce that the petition drive for the referendum is now officially underway!

Maryland requires 56,000 valid signatures to place this bill on the ballot in November, however our goal is to gather a minimum of 150,000 signatures by May 31st.  Past efforts have proven that the Board of Elections will invalidate at least 30% of the signatures, so it is imperative that we gather thousands and get it rightWe are confident, thanks to your continued engagement, that we can meet this goal!

This email is loaded with details pertaining to our petition drive. Please read the following information carefully and let us know if you have further questions.

Petition Drive Trainings: Maryland has very stringent laws on the ways that petitions must be filled out and we want to focus our efforts on keeping as many signatures as possible from being invalidated. For this reason, it is critical that those who will be organizing petition drives in churches, homes, organizations, offices etc., attend one of our training meetings.The trainings will include information on set-up, implementation, signature gathering, verification, and delivery. This information is very important to ensuring that correct procedures are followed at your petition drive in order to avoid any signatures being invalidated. Training meetings will be one hour in length. You can now view the petition training schedule on our website! It can be found on the Home Page under "More News Updates" at  Here is the link to the schedule as well. We will be updating the website as we schedule other training events. If your organization or church would like to host a training event, please contact us to set this up. We are trying our best to have them in every county in Maryland.

Also on this page you will see a list of the county coordinators we have so far. These folks have generously given of their time and energy to help us reach out to the citizens of every county of Maryland. We still have many counties not yet represented. If you are interested in being a county coordinator, contact Julia (

If you do not see a training meeting listed that you can attend, consider hosting a training meeting at a church or an available meeting space in your county. Call or email us with the date and time you would like to do so and we will schedule a trainer to come to you.

Train the Trainers: If you have been trained already, would you consider setting up a meeting to train others? Please let us know the date and time of this meeting and we will be glad to assist you. Please contact to Julia or Dee at 410-858-4030 ext 7011 regarding these meetings.

Online Petitions: For those of you who are not able to attend a petition drive at your church or know of others who may not be able to do so, there is a process by which a petition may be requested online and mailed directly to your home. You can do this through our website: Once you receive the petition, you must fill it out correctly and mail it back to the address listed.

The online petition process is a valuable resource to be able to reach as many citizens of the state as possible. We do, however, encourage as many as possible to run signature drives at their church, home, or organization. This is the primary way that we can foresee a successful petition drive.

CALLING ALL VOLUNTEERS! We need all hands on deck for this petition drive to be successful. This means that we not only need folks to be running signature drives, but we also need folks to volunteer their time and energy to help us verify the signatures that have been returned to us. Are you detail oriented? Good with data entry? Want to more fully participate in this process? Call Julia or Dee at the office today! Let us know your availability and we will arrange a time to get you trained and ready to go!

Thank you for your time, your engagement, your prayers, and your enthusiasm for this cause! We know that together we can make a difference in Maryland!

Let the petition drives begin!

The Maryland Marriage Alliance Team


Make your name count!


1.     Look up your voter registration name at WWW.MDELECTIONS.COM  or from your voter registration card.1


2.     On the first line--- PRINT your name exactly as it is listed in the voter registration roles. PRINT as clearly and legibly as possible. 


3.     On the third line-- SIGN your name exactly as you printed it.

                                                SIGN as clearly and legibly as possible. 



·        Put YOUR BIRTH DATE -Month/Day/Year in the UPPER right hand corner.

·        Put TODAYS DATE  -Month/Day/Year in the LOWER right hand corner. 

5.     Fill in the address section carefully, completely and clearly.  Don't abbreviate or take short cuts.




The Maryland Marriage Alliance is a grassroots, non-partisan, interfaith coalition dedicated to preserving the traditional definition of marriage in Maryland law.






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