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"Gender Wholeness Conference." Watch video to learn more.


Dear friends of People Can Change,


Family, friends, supporters and clergy can now join together with Journey Into Manhood alumni and other SSA men to hear from psychotherapist David Matheson, co-creator of the life-changing Journey Into Manhood program, about the principles on which it is founded -- along with David's breakthrough work in "Gender Wholeness Theory."


Watch the video (see link below) to learn more. 


The next conference is June 16th in Los Angeles, California, which is being hosted by the LA SSA Circle of Men. On June 23rd in Salt Lake City, Utah, the workshops listed will be presented as part of an Evergreen Regional Conference.


Although these are not People Can Change programs, PCC is pleased to share this information with you as another great resource for those traveling this journey out of unwanted same-sex attractions, and those who love and support them.


Rich Wyler

Founder and Director, People Can Change


Center for Gender Wholeness   

Gender Wholeness Conference

Gender Wholeness Conference

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"Matheson's workshop was amazing. He goes broad and deep, sharing all he's learned from 15 years of therapeutic work with men who experience homosexual attraction.... I would recommend the workshop to anyone."

--Ty M., Texas 


David will be presenting extensive new material in a brand new workshop. Plus, you will receive a comprehensive workshop journal, which includes excerpts from his long-awaited book, Becoming a Whole Man. To see a full outline of his workshop, click here. 



3 workshops will be presented concurrently

Lunch will be provided



Gender Wholeness


Presented by David Matheson, LPC


Without an accurate and complete understanding of the full range of issues underlying and impacting their homosexuality, many men struggle unnecessarily for far too long. Come access 20 years of experience in this day-long workshop from one of the world's most senior experts. You will gain:

  • An individualized understanding of the full range of both your issues and your strengths based on David Matheson's new and expansive Gender Disruption and Gender Wholeness models
  • A vision of what you will be like when you have transcended your issues and further developed your strengths
  • An extensive workshop journal containing all materials presented and Chapters 6 and 7 from David's new book, Becoming a Whole Man
  • Therapists are invited and encouraged to attend this workshop. You will spend lunch with David for an open discussion.


For more information about

 David Matheson's workshop


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The Dance of Marriage

Presented by Peggy Matheson

For Wives


Wives of men with same-sex attraction (SSA) often feel hurt, bewildered, and even betrayed. Without a clear map for balancing their own needs with the demands of a family and a struggling husband, women may suffer unnecessarily. Peggy will share her 20 years of experience navigating these waters in this full-day workshop. In a supportive and compassionate environment, you will gain:

  • A better perspective on the dynamics of your relationship and its impact on you
  • Tools to better access and connect with your internal well of resources and power
  • More clarity, hope, and insights about yourself and your relationship with your husband
  • A written vision to help you access more of what you really want in your marriage
  • An extensive workshop journal containing all materials presented and Chapters 6 and 7 from David Matheson's new book, Becoming a Whole Man

A discount is available for wives whose husbands attend "Gender Wholeness."


For more information about

Peggy Matheson's workshop



CGW Growth


Presented by David Pruden, M.S.

For Family, Friends, and Clergy


Families, friends, and religious leaders of men with same-sex attraction (SSA) often find themselves bewildered and overwhelmed as they try to make sense of this challenging issue. Without a clear and accurate understanding of what their loved one or congregant is experiencing, they may be unable to provide meaningful support and often just make things worse. Come benefit from David Pruden's 18 years of experience counseling families and clergy on these perplexing issues. In this day-long workshop you will:

  • Receive a framework for understanding the biological, emotional, and developmental influences that underlie same-sex attraction and a model of how change occurs
  • Learn practical techniques for promoting a healing environment, overcoming communication barriers, and building stronger connections with SSA loved ones
  • Hear a personal story of healing and growth from an SSA individual or family member
  • Have the opportunity to gain insight, feel strengthened, and embrace new possibilities for personal growth  

Three or more family members may attend at a discounted price.


Clergy are invited to attend the first 2 hours of this workshop at no cost.


For more information about

David Pruden


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For the latest information about the

Conference Series, please go to our website


Happy man




"The Gender Wholeness model covered all the bases for healing same-sex attraction."

--Robert, Texas


"After the workshop, I feel like I have a roadmap."

-- Robert


"I now have a vision for healing instead of hopelessness."






Conference Locations

and Dates


Prices vary by city.

Lunch will be provided.



Los Angeles, CA

June 16

Hosted by the

LA SSA Circle of Men


Salt Lake City, UT

June 23

An Evergreen

Regional Conference


Jersey City, NJ

(New York City Area)

August 5


Idaho Falls, ID

August 25

An Evergreen

Regional Conference


Washington DC Area

September 22


Provo, UT

October 13

An Evergreen

Regional Conference





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