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President Obama's Endorsement of Homosexual Marriage Is a Betrayal of the Black Church and An Attack on the Christian Faith


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Today's Headlines | Friday, May 11, 2012


Dwight McKissic Sr. Says President Obama's Endorsement of Homosexual Marriage Is a Betrayal of the Black Church and An Attack on the Christian Faith
A pastor who led the Southern Baptist Convention to adopt a resolution in 2009 applauding the election of Barack Obama as America's first African-American president termed the president's May 9 endorsement of same-sex marriage a betrayal of the black church and an attack on the Christian faith.

Harry Reid Suggests Democrats May Move to Repeal the Defense of Marriage Act
A day after President Barack Obama endorsed gay marriage, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid suggested Thursday that Democrats may move to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act, the Clinton-era law that defined marriage as between a man and a woman.

Dwight McKissic Sr. Publicly Accepts Richard Land's Apology
A prominent African American pastor, Dwight McKissic Sr., has publicly accepted Richard Land's apology for remarks he (Land) made about the Trayvon Martin killing.

NewsOne Poll Finds Overwhelming 63% of Readers Disagree with President Obama's Homosexuality Stance
After the bombshell news story yesterday of President Barack Obama speaking out in support of gay marriage in a sit-down interview with ABC's Robin Roberts, several voices in the African-American community rang out on the issue.

Bishop Harry R. Jackson Jr. Condemns Obama's Support of Same-Sex Marriage
The president's statement on Wednesday announcing he is endorsing same-sex marriage around the country is a great disappointment for many people. His decision is of great concern to those who still believe in traditional marriage.



Three Years Ago, Almost to the Day that Obama Announced to the World his Support for Homosexual Marriage, was Ringing the Warning Bell, Beginning with the First Article which was Issued on May 3, 2009 titled "President Obama Is Smart, But Is He Wise?"
Three years ago, almost to the day that Obama announced to the world his support for homosexual marriage, was ringing the warning bell, beginning with the first article which was issued on May 3, 2009 titled "President Obama Is Smart, But Is He Wise?"

Franklin Graham Co-hosts Trinity Broadcasting Network's "Praise the Lord" Program
Minister Franklin Graham appeared on the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) this week, co-hosting its signature ministry program "Praise the Lord" with network co-founder, Jan Crouch, just as the network is facing scrutiny over allegations of financial dishonesty.

The Assemblies of God Head says Their Denomination Is In Complete Disagreement with Obama's New Position on Homosexual Marriage
The dust has hardly settled on President Obama's move to support same-sex marriage. Indeed, it's an issue that's likely to linger on through the 2012 presidential elections and beyond.


WATCH: A High Class Call Girl Calls on Jesus
Danielle was a porn star and a high class call girl when the reality of her vulnerability to violence and death woke her up.

LISTEN: Rev. Jamal Bryant Tells Roland Martin, "I Absolutely, Vehemently Disagree with the President" on This Issue
Pastor of Baltimore Maryland's Empowerment Temple, Jamal Bryant spoke with Roland Martin, correspondent on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, today about President Obama's announcing his support of gay marriage.

WATCH: Black Ministers in Houston Respond to Obama's Support of Same-Sex Marriage
Will Houston's African-American ministers stand behind President Barack Obama's decision to support same sex marriages? It is a President whose portrait actually hangs in the very church where I met with local religious leaders.


US on Alert for More al Qaeda Bombs
As an airstrike in Yemen killed another five al Qaeda terrorists Thursday, warnings were sounded in Washington about the continued threat the group has on the U.S.

LifeWay Survey Shows Americans are Split on Whether or Not Homosexuality Is a Sin
Americans are split on whether homosexual behavior is a sin, and many do not appreciate if a church teaches it is sinful, according to a recent survey conducted by LifeWay Research.

Why Are Top Republican Leaders Silent on the Homosexual Marriage Issue?
President Barack Obama's embrace of same-sex marriage was viewed for so long as such a risky move that operatives in both parties expected it to drop like a bomb, handing Republicans a powerful wedge issue in an election year.


Christian Girls In Egypt Live In Fear of Being Abducted
"We don't know if our daughter is still alive," Magda told ICC during a recent visit to Egypt. "We haven't seen or heard from her in five years... Her kidnapper called us and said she was dead and buried."

Christians Around the World Join Campaign to 'Live Below the Line' to Stop Poverty
Christian organizations and Good Samaritans around the world are joining together this week as part of an awareness and fundraising campaign that hopes to impact the lives of over a billion people globally.

Number of International Adoptions Plummets to Lowest Point in 15 Years
The number of international adoptions has plummeted to its lowest point in 15 years, a steep decline attributed largely to crackdowns against baby-selling, a sputtering world economy and efforts by countries to place more children with domestic families.



Since the Sudden Tragic Death of Junior Seau, Emmitt Smith Is Concerned About Some Health Problems of his Own
In the aftermath of former All-Pro linebacker Junior Seau's suicide last week, Hall of Fame running back Emmitt Smith took to Twitter to express his condolences.

Tebow Draws Crowd as Jets Open Locker Room
There was movement near Tim Tebow's new locker at the Jets' practice center early Thursday afternoon, but it did not involve the player the news media horde had run in to see.


"Basketball Wives" Loses Major Advertiser, Support from Fans
Anti-fan protests against VH1's "Basketball Wives" are finally making headway with their campaigns.




Americans are growing more pessimistic about the economy and handling it remains President Barack Obama's weak spot and biggest challenge in his bid for a second term, according to a new Associated Press-GfK poll.




On a recent blistering afternoon, this village danced in an open field. Women sashayed, hoisting chairs over their heads. Barefoot children scampered. Old men, with skin as dry and cracked as the bark of a savanna tree, jabbed rifles toward the burning sky.







Rejoice evermore. Pray without ceasing. In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. 

- 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18


Afraid? Of what? To feel the spirit's glad release? To pass from pain to perfect peace. The strife and strain of life to cease? Afraid - of that? 

- E. H. Hamilton



I thank my God always on your behalf, for the grace of God which is given you by Jesus Christ. 

- 1 Corinthians 1:4


Prayer is the spontaneous response of the believing heart to God. Those truly transformed by Jesus Christ find themselves lost in wonder and joy of communion with Him. Prayer is as natural for the Christian as breathing.

 - John MacArthur



But your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear.

 - Isaiah 59:2


The gospel is only good news if it gets there in time. 

- Carl F.H. Henry


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