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2012 Father's Day


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June 13, 2012 

Mommy Matters      


moiCelebrating Dads!


I grew up without a dad, which has added poignancy to 28 years of seeing a faithful father - my husband Tripp - loving and sacrificing for our 12 children.   

Those who experienced the same missing piece in their formative years can be encouraged as the Bible tells us that though our father forsake us, God will never forsake us.  And it is true.  I was so alone until March 21, 1987 when through Jesus Christ I came to know Him as my own dear Father - Read my own Father to the Fatherless story here.

This newsletter may be called Mommy Matters, but this month it's all about fathers.  Let's encourage our children to outdo themselves this year on Father's Day.  While we moms often feel overwhelmed and under-appreciated, I've come to realize that we're not the only ones.

Our culture isn't cultivating respecting and honor for parents, period. The push has been on for some time to appeal to teens' egos (and sell them stuff) by portraying them as way ahead of the game.  According to the entertainment media, parents are simply obstacles to their kids' self-fulfillment.  Fathers especially are subject to extreme ridicule.  Think Homer Simpson. 

Don't get me wrong.  I have written about my love for The Simpsons. But in today's world of TV dads, there are no Ward Cleavers - only Homer and his wannnabes

Let's make sure this year the fathers in our lives know they are loved, respected and admired!

vintage father's day

Father's Day Gift Ideas:

Printable Father's Day Coupons or checks

Martha Stewart custom gifts for Dad

Flip camera

Kids' homemade card and gift ideas

Kodak Digital Frame
or keychain

Tickets to a ballgame, concert or play

John Wayne 25 movie set
- only $5.49!  


The Father's Topical Bible


Proverbs for Parenting 


~Father and Child Images~

Remember the Mother and Child Album I did last year?  Well, it seems that the Father and Child just doesn't have the same artistic resonance.  Paintings are few and far between, but I can offer these two (click title for larger image):

Dad's coming

Dad's Coming
by Winslow Homer

Breaking Ties Rockwell

Breaking Home Ties
by Norman Rockwell


I did find two photo galleries you might enjoy:

Oh These Dads! Photos of Fathers and Kids

Fathers of Multiples Gallery (submissions welcome!)

Songs for Father's Day:

Gracie (Ben Folds)

My Father's Eyes
(Amy Grant)

Cinderella  (Steven Curtis Chapman)

Cat's in the Cradle
(Harry Chapin)

Daughter (Loudoun Wainwright)

Father and Daughter (Paul Simon)

Still My Daddy (

My Little Girl
(Tim McGraw)

Butterfly Kisses (Bob Carlisle)

Daddy's Hands (Dolly Parton)

That's What Dads Are For



picnic basket**Don't  forget Breakfast
in Bed
- or something new:

**Kidnap Dad after church for a Surprise Picnic!


family watching movie
Father's Day Films:

I asked Tripp for recommendations, added a few of my own,  then linked to Amazon so you can read reviews.  Also available at libraries and Netflix:

 To Kill a Mockingbird (integrity)

Big Jake (reconciliation)

Sound of Music (transformation)

Parenthood (fidelity)

Captains Courageous (lovingkindness)

You Can't Take It with You (affirmation)

Meet the Robinsons (adoption)

About a Boy (maturation)

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (understanding)

Pursuit of Happyness (determination)

Ransom and Taken (vigilance)

My fellow parenting pilgrims:

I've had fun spending the day putting this together for you!  My hope is that there will be something here to encourage or inspire you to make this the Best Father's Day ever for the fathers in your life.

Don't forget those who stood in place of a father for you when you needed one.

And don't forget Our Heavenly Father, who is the inspiration for us to enlarge our capacity and learn to love more each year!



Barbara Curtis



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