Thursday, June 7, 2012

Army Tries Camouflaging Its Agenda on Marriage


While Americans were busy celebrating the heroes of D-Day, the military was coping with its own invasion of federal marriage law. After three weeks of silence, the Army confirmed yesterday that it conducted the military's first-ever homosexual "wedding" at Fort Polk base in Louisiana. According to officials, the ceremony took place about three weeks ago between two uniformed lesbians and was presided over by a member of the Chaplains Corps. "The liberal social experiment with our military continues," said a frustrated Rep. John Fleming (R-La.), who represents the Louisiana district that houses Fort Polk.

As more details emerge, it's obvious that the Army is trying to cover its tracks. When asked, a spokesman for the base insisted that it was not a "wedding" but a "same-gender private religious ceremony." Either way, it's a plain violation of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which outlaws same-sex "marriage" in government facilities. And while some would argue that DOMA is under court review, Louisiana's marriage amendment is not. It clearly states that only marriage between a man and woman is legal. "It's outrageous and illegal," said Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.), who--like Rep. Fleming--serves on the House Armed Services Committee. Once again, he said, "political agenda has trumped the rule of law." Both men warned of this slippery slope when Congress debated the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" repeal.

"One might say, 'Well, it's just a simple ceremony, it's just one blip... but, unfortunately," said Rep. Fleming, "I would expect an avalanche of similar ceremonies may occur, and once again, the publicity... could have a tremendous negative impact on military readiness." If it can happen right under the nose of a member of the Armed Services Committee--in a state that bans homosexual marriage--then it can happen anywhere.

If ever there was a case for the amendments of Rep. Akin and Rep. Steve Palazzo (R-Miss.), this is it. In the Defense Authorization bill that passed out of the House just a couple of weeks ago, leaders agreed to language that would hold the Pentagon's boots to the fire on the Defense of Marriage Act by banning the military from holding "marriage-like" ceremonies--like this one--on federal property. The men and women in harm's way deserve Congress's reassurance that they will not be exploited to advance this administration's social agenda. DOMA is still the law of the land, and neither the Army nor the Obama administration has the power to change that. Contact your senators and ask them to adopt the House language in the Defense bill.

Roosevelt's New Deal Causes Great Depression

Speaking of "firsts," Planned Parenthood is proud to announce its new school-based health clinic in Los Angeles's Roosevelt High School. The unusual partnership made news yesterday, in part because it gives the abortion giant unprecedented access to children. According to the L.A. Unified School District, the special program is part of an effort to keep teen motherhood on the decline. During the school year, students can visit the clinic for anything from birth control pills, patches, and rings to pregnancy tests--all without their parents' knowledge or consent.

"They feel much safer and much more comfortable coming to a school-based health clinic," said nurse practitioner Sherry Medrano. One 16-year-old said she "felt relieved" to know that she could visit the clinic without telling her mom. Unfortunately, California, like 19 other states, has no parental consent or notification law on the books. And although Planned Parenthood is barred from "providing abortions" through these clinics, nothing is stopping the organization from offering abortion referrals. It's a brazen attempt to bypass parents and turn school clinics into feeders for the abortion industry. Let's not forget: Planned Parenthood doesn't make any money encouraging abstinence. And throwing condoms and pills to kids leads to more pregnancies and STDs.

Unfortunately for parents, Roosevelt's partnership could be the first of many. Under ObamaCare, there is enormous latitude and billions of dollars for HHS to fund "school-based health centers," which will almost certainly include Planned Parenthood clinics like this one. Yet another reason to push for ObamaCare's complete and speedy repeal!

Planned Parenthood Can't Duck Tape

If schools like Roosevelt High weren't warned off Planned Parenthood before, maybe the latest installment of Live Action videos will persuade them. Like the two most recent tapes, this one focuses on the organization's willingness to target baby girls for abortion. Following up on the controversial videos from Texas and New York, Lila Rose released two more tapes from Phoenix-area clinics that agreed to break the law and perform sex-selection abortions. At the Tucson location, the Planned Parenthood worker tells the actress, "We could lose our license," but then agrees to cover up the abortion. "I'll just forget about it," he says. "But just be sure not to mention it to the [doctor]. Don't even mention it to him."

Well, the doctor knows now. And so does the rest of the country--77% of whom oppose gender-selection abortion. According to research from the National Center for Health Statistics, gendercide is becoming increasingly prevalent in the U.S. for certain ethnic groups. Yet another problem for which we have Planned Parenthood to thank.


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