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Can Homosexual Reporters be trusted as unbiased against ex-gays?

Keeping Anderson Cooper Honest on Sexual Orientation Change Efforts (SOCE)

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A Call to Action to Prevent the Demise of Client, Therapist, and Parental Rights.

David H. Pickup,
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist


Just minutes ago, after seeing the Anderson Cooper 360 show in which NARTH and Dr. Nicolosi were vilified and probably slandered, I realized how one of the nation's most influential media programs is determined to convince the public that being Gay has been scientifically proven to be normal and that successful therapeutic change in sexual orientation is impossible. Anderson Cooper "revealed" the ineffectiveness and abuses of SOCE, especially Reparative Therapy, on his show tonight.

Supporting the Gay therapeutic agenda was a well-known gay activist psychologist from the APA, an ex-Reparative Therapy client of Dr. Joseph Nicolosi's, and a host of defamatory, false and misleading statements about all forms of SOCE with video "proof" submitted. You can see the video using the link at the end of this article. The show gave "evidence" of documented abuses of SOCE and denied any credible scientific evidence that orientation change is possible. There were two tragic cases presented in which one man committed suicide because of SOCE and another became suicidal and depressed for fourteen years as a result of SOCE.

Anderson Cooper's most famous tag line is, "Keeping Them Honest." Objective reporting is one of the hallmarks of Cooper's award-winning career. However, I couldn't find any objectivity on Friday's program. There was not one bit of evidence that represented an objectively researched opposing viewpoint on SOCE issues. But, there was supposed to be. I ought to know because I was supposed to appear on the TV program to represent the opposing side.

As Chairman of the new NARTH Client Rights Committee, I was a guest on the Anderson Cooper 360 show up until 3 hours before the show was to begin when I got an email from the producer stating there was "a time issue," and they would have to cancel the of reporting and scientific bias I have ever witnessed. Earlier, during the final confirmation call today, I informed them I was the NARTH representative and Chairman of their Client Rights Committee. About an hour later, I was pulled from the show. (In my opinion, once they found out I was a NARTH representative, they pulled the plug on NARTH participation.) The very courteous assistant producer told me she actually didn't know why I was pulled. Also, Cooper's producers had kept me busy for two days rearranging my therapy client schedule for this show. They confirmed my appearance several hours before the show, which included being driven in a CNN car to the Hollywood studios to appear with Dr. Jack Drescher from the APA.

I believe they do not want to take the chance on revealing evidence that NARTH is actually correct in much of it's scientifically based evidence and are very afraid we would garner too much positive national attention. Just before the show began, I emailed Cooper's producer back after being cut, and I sent a note to Anderson via this email. I told him that cancelling was no problem and that I understood about time factors that cause changes in TV show decisions. After seeing the show, it is my opinion that they did not want to give the other side any kind of opportunity to express themselves in order to foment a movement against an issue they cannot, or refuse to, deal with honestly.

Also during the show, Anderson and Dr. Drescher revealed that major religious organizations have now come out to say that actual change does not happen. This was a passive-aggressive hit on the religious organization Exodus and the unfortunate choice of words that Exodus President Alan Chambers recently made in public. In his statements he left the impression that real change was highly improbable. Chambers and the Exodus board sent a letter recently to its members that apologized for any misunderstanding but stated they will not make changes to Chamber's remarks.

Finally, AC360 reported on California's SB1172 and the proposed ban on all forms of SOCE for minors. Cooper and his guests discussed the desire to have all SOCE held to legal limits or bans.

So here we are…a major news network, via one of the most popular shows in America that appears to be succeeding in its relentless pursuit of killing off every one of the major SOCE players. It feels like we are nearing the end, that NARTH is the only one standing, and barely.

NARTH members, THIS MUST STOP. We have to energize thousands of people in NARTH and others in our efforts, and we need to have more professional leaders materialize to organize counter-efforts to stop this kind of travesty. If NARTH members have been too cautious in the past in facing the inevitability of the silencing of our voices then it is time to act. Do we expect this situation will improve? Can we depend upon the professional or unbiased actions of the opposition in the future? The answers are obvious. Please contact the NARTH office today to act upon your support through contributions or participating in NARTH projects.

Additionally, I am choosing to make a call for all readers who have been too cautious or too busy to affiliate with NARTH to take the time now to become members. We need you to lend your time and talents to the protection of client and therapist rights. I believe we need many more of you to become involved if we are to have sufficient impact to successfully counter this threat. Otherwise you risk being a spectator as your rights to exercise your own professional judgment are taken away by legislative fiat. It should come as no surprise that NARTH needs your contributions. We need your help to stop these efforts to defeat the sound
science and therapy that is helping many people make positive and healthy changes in their sexuality. If we ignore this turning of events, or if we don't pursue this with all we've got, we are always going to be victims. We must take a stand; not one of us…ALL of us.

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