Saturday, June 9, 2012


So few people are interested in looking at the opposite side of homosexuality, to potential roots of this disorder, etc.  I have found most gays become very upset and defensive.  So I have decided that truth is a frightening thing when a person has based his/her life on a specific belief system that clashes with truth.  It is as though the ground is shaking and the belief system becomes cracked.  Yet this is the very next step of the homosexual folks who claim, with little reasoning (other than 'feelings') or proof, that homosexuality is natural.  In fact, it is not.  Yet while they cannot give a logical and sane explanation of their homosexual development, they fiercely argue against ex gays, scientific studies, nd therapists who work with those who wish to leave the lifestyle or simply _not_ go into it. 

Same sex attraction does not automatically mean a person is homosexual, but it does indicate confusion in gender identification. 

Having raised a homosexual son, I can tell you, by going back and looking at factors in our lives, my marriage, his childhood, his response to peers;  I can easily say, behind me is a map of how to unconsciously raise a child to become homosexual.  It was not with design or desire that my impressionable son was so impacted by all the factors that touched him.  But it is with deep, deep regret that I did not have the knowledge of same sex attraction, or the healthy ex-gays living very happy heterosexual lives with wives and children or single.  With no role models to explain this, nothing found in the library or through my church, I was lost to reach out to him with answers.  He went into the lifestyle at 18 yrs old and recently asked me how I could let him go on his own at that young age.  He is 30 today and now realizes his youth was taken away by homosexuality.

Does he want to leave the lifestyle?  I think he will eventually.  In the meantime, as a mother, I pray that he does not contract HIV+/AIDS or other diseases that are becoming harder and harder to cure.  I pray that the potential damage he is doing to his body through anal sex will be limited.  I am a frightened mother -- for I didn't allow him to run out into a busy street for fear of his ignorance in getting himself killed.  I feel the same when he has many sex partners, and who can know if a person is or isn't infected with any type disease?  It’s Russian Roulette, whether we recognize it as such or not. Wouldn't you be frightened if it were *your* child?

The gay community has acknowledged that the 'born gay theory' cannot be proved no matter how many studies.  So what is left? Environmental, for the most part.  Plus a sensitive disposition, being self identified by others, confusion with lack of male role bonding.... and other factors.

So how do we educate the public that they must fight for fair choices (and their children),  and not allow a specific pro gay group that lobbies to buy their way into our political system and shut down those who want to let others know that there are other options and opinions. Any idea?

Homophobic, you say? Hardly.  I understand why my son is homosexual -- do you think I could stop loving him because of this? This was a child who was deeply wanted and carrying him for 9 months was one of the most important events in my life, right at the top. 

Many families do not get to see their 'gay' children often. When the gay child is unwilling to deal with past issues and hurts, the roots of his issues, he often goes into the lifestyle with those he feels more comfortable with: the other gays who have come from similar backgrounds and hurts.

As a mother, I pray that a calm dialogue can be established. Ex-gays are not looking for a fight, but the right for their voices to be heard:  “I changed and you can, too.”

Please, keep talking about this issue.  If we don’t, what will happen to the next generation?




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