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Time is short--have you signed the CLASS Act petition?


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Thursday, June 15, 2012




Dear Friends,

We now have less than a month remaining  to gather the more than 700,000 signatures needed to get the CLASS Act on the ballot!  If you have not yet signed the official petition or collected signatures from your family and friends--please do so today. You can download petitions at or

Latest Developments
-- The CLASS Act (Children Learning Accurate Social Science) has been endorsed by one of the nation's leading pro-family advocates, the Family Research Council.  Check out these short videos from FRC's Tony Perkins: 

3-minute video:

5-minute video:

  -- The Legislature is pushing ahead with another bill, SB 1540, designed to speed up implementation of SB 48 by getting LGBT-friendly materials into the classroom even sooner than the new textbooks that are being rewritten to comply with SB 48.

Why is the CLASS Act necessary?

As SB 1540 now makes clear, if we don't stop the rewriting of history by putting the CLASS Act on the ballot, it's only going to get worse.  SB 48 represented a "line in the sand" in the aggressive push for forced acceptance of alternative lifestyles like cross-dressing, bisexuality and homosexuality.  SB 48 was so extreme that even the Los Angeles Times opposed it, criticizing the notion of politicians writing textbooks.  SB 48 not only introduces schoolchildren to terms like "bisexual" and "transgender" at early ages--it redefines "history" to focus on sexuality rather than achievements. 

Deadline Looming   

All signatures must be gathered by July 11--less than a month away!  This is the crucial "home stretch" that will make or break our efforts.  We especially need pastors and churches to help us spread the word and host signature collection.  

One of the most patriotic actions you can take in advance of Independence Day is to sign a petition and gather signatures.  The future of our nation and our children depend on your involvement!  

Running the Race,

Brad Dacus and the PJI Legal Team


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