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Christians Face Viewpoint Discrimination on Same Sex "Marriage"

July 2012 ed. 02

Christians Face Discrimination Over Same Sex "Marriage"

Viewpoint liberty under attack.
Linda Harvey Interviews Diane Gramley of American Family Association, PA

Do Americans still have the right to refuse to honor homosexual behavior and "marriage"?

On Mission America radio, president Linda Harvey interviews AFA of PA executive director Diane Gramley about the growing number of incidents where people have been fired, faith groups have been penalized for not holding homosexual ceremonies, and students have been humiliated, suspended and made targets of smear campaigns.

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Evangelical Calls on Alan Chambers to Step Down over "Gays Can Go to Heaven" Remarks

Lillian Kwon, Christian Post

An evangelical professor is calling for the resignation or removal of Alan Chambers as president of Exodus International, citing concerns that Chambers is offering a false hope to gays and lesbians and compromising the ministry's mission.

Robert A. J. Gagnon, associate professor of New Testament at the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, believes the Exodus head is deceiving active homosexuals by stating that their salvation is assured...

During the Gay Christian Network conference in January, the Exodus president again stated his belief that homosexually active Christians would be in heaven. And most recently, he made similar comments to The Atlantic in June.

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