Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Why the Gender Wholeness Workshop?

Dear friends of People Can Change,


Family, friends, and supporters can now join together with Journey Into Manhood alumni and other SSA men to hear from psychotherapist David Matheson, co-creator of the life-changing Journey Into Manhood program, about the principles on which it is founded -- along with David's breakthrough work in "Gender Wholeness Theory."


Although these are not People Can Change programs, PCC is pleased to share this information with you as another great resource for those traveling this journey out of unwanted same-sex attractions, and those who love and support them.


Rich Wyler

Founder and Director, People Can Change

Why am I offering the Gender Wholeness Workshop? 


I decided to do this workshop because I see so many men making less progress than they could if they really understood the problems facing them.

I have spent many years developing these concepts and many weeks organizing them and creating this workshop. I'm anxious to see men grow and move on with their lives. What I have so laboriously created has the potential to unlock far greater levels of healing and to remain useful for many years. Previously, this information has only been available to my private clients, who have paid hundreds of dollars for it.

The material I cover in this new workshop is essential stuff. I walk participants through the gender disruption and gender wholeness models in great detail, one step at a time, helping them to assess specifically what fits and doesn't fit for them. In the end, they leave with a very clear, personalized view of where they still have work to do and some ideas about how to proceed with that work.

This is not an experiential event like Journey Into Manhood. Nor is it a simple lecture. It is an advanced course intended to provide men with a complete roadmap for their individual healing and growth process. It can be as valuable to men just starting the process as it may be for men who've been on the journey for many years.


I hope you'll let me share all of this with you.


David Matheson, LPC 




For Wives: Why am I offering the Dance of Marriage Workshop?


When David told me he was putting this workshop together, I immediately said, "And I will teach one for the wives." I want to share some of the most helpful tools and insights I discovered on my journey, in hopes that they will ease your burdens and give you more options.


The most important thing I discovered through the years was how to really access my truth. I found myself letting go of what I thought I knew, and it opened me up to a whole new world. I learned to allow myself to feel without making judgments and to recognize what those feelings might be telling me about myself and what I needed. I learned how to recognize, and not buy into, my negative thinking. I also learned to recognize when I was being manipulated (this one took a long time). This knowledge became invaluable as I tried to balance who I am with what was going on in my marriage.


I also discovered how to create the possibility of the kind of marriage I really wanted and to start living as if it was already happening. Funny thing--as I visualized, it began to really happen.


Your husband will gain so much from the Gender Wholeness Workshop and probably come home seeing himself differently. When you add to that your new insights and tools from the Dance of Marriage Workshop, it can create a springboard to move more quickly into a more whole relationship.


I hope to connect with you there and share what I have learned!


Peggy Matheson



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