Friday, August 24, 2012

A David Gunn Moment - How the FRC Shooting Backfired on Gay Marriage Activists

> Fascinating take on the gay marriage activist turned terrorist who
> attacked the Family Research Council last week:
> "David Gunn was the first abortionist to be shot and killed by a
> pro-life activist, in an attack that destroyed the image of the entire
> pro-life movement as a peaceful group—despite the fact that many
> pro-life organizations immediately denounced the shooting and all
> violence against those who kill babies for a living. The abortion
> lobby took full advantage of the shooting, fighting for the so-called
> Freedom of Access to Clinics Act (signed into law by Bill Clinton),
> which destroyed the free speech rights of pro-life Americans who
> wanted to engage in peaceful speech at abortion mills and offer less
> violent alternatives to women seeking a resolution to an unplanned
> pregnancy. And ever afterward, they have smeared all pro-life
> Americans as deranged, violent people.
> Will conservatives do the same in the wake of the shooting of the FRC
> security guard? I doubt it. I think they will simply be relieved that
> the truth is finally coming out—that they have endured many death
> threats, harassment, and lawsuits by militant homosexuals and the
> groups that represent them, simply because many Americans don't wish
> to be forced to support their views, or believe that the goals of
> homosexual activists, if implemented, would deeply damage America."
> Read the rest of the commentary here:

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