Thursday, August 23, 2012

Action Needed TODAY on Four Bills in CA Legislature

Action Needed: Contact Assembly Members to Vote "NO"
SB 623: Permits Non-Doctors to Perform Abortions
SB 1140: Changes Definition of Marriage
SB 1172: Attacks Parental Rights and Religious Liberty
SB 1476: Permits More Than Two Legal Parents

The legislature in California is doing it again -- railroading contentious bills through in late August when people are distracted and there is little time to mount a campaign against them. That is why your action is especially needed on four bills threatening marriage, children, and religious liberty. All of these bills are on the Assembly floor awaiting final vote. Call your Assemblymember today to ask for a "NO" vote on these four bills.

These bills present assaults on marriage, children, and religious liberty:

1. Please call your Assemblymember TODAY and ask him or her to vote "NO" on
SB 623
SB 1140

Find your Assembly Member here.
2. Please let 5 of your friends or family members know about this bill.

SB 623

SB 623 seeks to extend a pilot training program for nurses, midwives, and other non-doctors to perform abortions, thereby reducing their cost and increasing profits to the abortion industry. Senator Kehoe, the bill's author, purports to be a great supporter of women's health. Yet, this bill shows a willingness to sacrifice the quality of women's health to pursue an agenda.

Earlier this year, Senator Kehoe proposed this legislation in SB 1338, which was unable to garner adequate support in Senate committee to bring it to the floor. Not to be defeated, she put the language in a marine environmental safety bill that had already passed the Senate. It is shocking that Senator Kehoe and her supporters are able to get away with such a blatant disregard for women's health.

SB 1140

SB 1140, the "Trojan Horse" marriage bill authored by San Francisco Senator Mark Leno, is the same bill the legislature passed in 2010 that was vetoed by then Governor Schwarzenegger. This bill appears to provide protection for religious institutions, but it is a deception. What it really does is create two distinct types of marriage in California, conflicting with the California Constitution's marriage provision passed by the voters through Prop 8. It lays groundwork to redefine marriage to accommodate same-sex couple, and eventually remove from the law any public institution that unites kids with their moms and dads.

SB 1172

SB 1172 is a contentious bill banning licensed therapists from providing therapy for children with same-sex attraction or gender confusion that does not affirm the behavior. This bill robs parents of their rights and obligations to seek the good for their children and act in their children's best interest.

Under SB 1172, licensed therapists would be banned from helping minors change their unwanted same-sex attractions, even if the child specifically asks for help. They are not allowed to say or suggest anything directed toward reducing gender confusion, or romantic attractions or feelings toward individuals of the same sex, even if they know it is necessary for the good of the child. Not only does it prevent parents from seeking the good for their children, it would ban Catholic psychiatrists and counselors, or those practicing in Catholic schools, clinics, and hospitals, from integrating the teachings of the Church in a way that treats the whole person—body, mind, and spirit.

SB 1476

SB 1476 would allow children to have more than two legal parents. The bill assumes that children have no interest in their relationship with their moms and dads and sets the best interest of adults ahead of any concern for the best interest of the child. Nowhere in the bill is that interest for children defined. Additionally, the Association of Family Conciliation Courts, one of the bill's opponents, is concerned that there "is no limit on how many ... parents can be created by court order."

Imagine the competition between three or more parents attempting to determine the allocation of the child's time with each. What a disruption this would be for education and extra-curricular activities, not to mention the raising of the child according to faith and cultural values.

The Association of Certified Family Law Specialists argues that, "because parentage law is so complicated, (passage of this bill would have far-reaching effects on) citizenship, tax deductions, social security, wrongful death and ... implications in these myriad of other contexts."

Enough is enough.

Please act to oppose all of these bills from becoming law in California. Please forward this email to five friends right now and ask them to stand for marriage, family, and children today.

Please ask for the intercession of Our Lady of Guadalupe and Blessed John Paul as we work to evangelize the culture for marriage and family.

For the Common Good,

Bill May
Chairman, Catholics for the Common Good
415 651 4171
415 738 0421 (Fax)

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