Wednesday, August 15, 2012

CA to Ban Treatment for Kids with Gender Confusion


SB 1172 Unprecedented Attack on Parental Rights
Yet Another Assault on Religious Liberty
Call Assembly Members TODAY
Ask them to Vote "NO" on SB 1172

How far are we willing to see parental rights erode in California? That is a critical question in light of the recent success of SB 1172, the contentious bill banning licensed therapists from providing therapy for children with same-sex attraction or gender confusion that does not affirm the behavior. This bill robs parents of their rights and obligations to seek the good for their children and act in their best interest.

This bill is just one more outrageous assault on parental rights and religious liberty:

1. Please call your assembly member today and ask him or her to vote "NO" on SB 1172. Find your Assembly Member here.

2. Please let 5 of your friends or family members know about this bill.

But the author, Senator Ted Lieu (D) of Torrance, and members of the legislature who have supported the bill, think they know better than parents about what is good for children. Responding to concerns of parents, the Orange County Register quoted Lieu as saying, "The attack on parental rights is exactly the whole point of the bill because we don't want to let parents harm their children."

Under SB 1172, licensed therapists would be banned from helping minors change their unwanted same-sexual attractions, even if the child specifically asks for help. They are not allowed to say or suggest anything directed toward reducing gender confusion, or romantic attractions or feelings toward individuals of the same sex, even if they know it is necessary for the good of the child.

SB 1172 was initially directed against SOCE, "sexual orientation change effort", a controversial therapy to change sexual orientation, having mixed results. But, this bill goes much further. Not only does it prevent parents from seeking the good for their children, it would ban Catholic psychiatrists and counselors, or those practicing in Catholic schools, clinics and hospitals, from integrating the teachings of the Church in a way that treats the whole person—body, mind, and spirit.

This bill completely removes any access to healthy therapy for children and adolescents with gender confusion and same-sex attraction in California and would require parents to leave the state to seek treatment.

SB 1172 is on the Assembly floor and could come to a vote at any time. If it passes, it will return to the Senate for a vote of agreement to the amendments made in the Assembly before going to Governor Brown for his signature.

Contact your assembly member today and ask him or her to vote NO on SB 1172 (see side bar)!

Enough is enough. We have got to stand up against assaults on religious liberty and parental rights that are coming at us from every direction. Please support CCG and the team that is organizing the Stand with Children Network to take back marriage and the family. We just have a few more days, until August 15, for donors to double their money with funds from a generous matching grant.

Please pray for a successful defeat of SB 1172. Do not let Senator Lieu and his supporters allow the state to make decisions for children over their parents' wishes.

For the Common Good,

Bill May
Chairman, Catholics for the Common Good
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