Friday, August 17, 2012

Has Exodus "evolved" like Obama?

Has Exodus “evolved” like Obama?


In the past, the Christian ministry Exodus International has refused to publicly support ex-gay rights or pro-family marriage legislation because their position was that they do not get involved in “politics.”  But now Exodus is openly supporting sodomy rights in foreign countries which do not legally recognize sodomy. 


Also troubling is that Exodus leader Alan Chambers is now denying sexual orientation change.  The erroneous notion that the absence of complete eradication of all same-sex attraction is proof that conversion is impossible, has long been championed by gay activists and now mimicked by Exodus.  Of course, that notion is neither Biblical nor applied consistently to other sinful impulses.


Some affiliated churches and ministries, including those of ex-gays Stephen Black, Andrew Comisky, and Frank Worthen, have left Exodus and started their own ex-gay organization called Restored Hope Network.


Below is the New York Times article:

“In another sign of change, the vice chairman of the Exodus board, Dennis Jernigan, was forced to resign in June after he supported anti-sodomy laws in Jamaica. The [Exodus] board pledged to fight efforts anywhere to criminalize sexual acts between consenting adults.”

Rift Forms in Movement as Belief in Gay ‘Cure’ Is Renounced

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