Monday, August 13, 2012

Is this tolerance?

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Below is an email that I recently received from a Maryland resident who signed the Maryland marriage petition.  Unfortunately, the Maryland Marriage Alliance and other members of our coalition have received similar emails and phone calls from Marylanders who are being harassed after their names and home addresses were published online.



 FYI -This morning in front of my house I was approached by a man whom I had never met who asked me if I was Susan Jones and then asked me if the house I was standing in front of, citing my address number, was my house. When I said yes, he said that he wanted me to know that my name, my address and a map to my house were posted on the Internet as a 'hater.'

 When I asked as a hater of what, he said of gay people and gay marriage. When I said I don't hate gay people, he said that I must because I signed the petition for the referendum on gay marriage and that my name is on the Internet for having signed the petition. When I continued to look puzzled he went on at length about his being gay, being with a partner for 20 years, etc. etc. and that I was hurting him by opposing gay marriage.

 He repeated several more times that my name and my address and even a map to my house were posted on the Internet and that I was listed as a hater and I had only to look it up to see.

 He finally left and I reported the incident to the police. The police told me to call them again when the man, who lives in the neighborhood, returns home.

 In the meantime, I do not intend to look my name up on the Internet, but if this is true that someone or some group has posted petition signer names on the Internet and labeled the list as people who hate gay people and provided names, addresses, and maps to people's houses, then I think this goes beyond a personal threat and becomes a case of organized intimidation on a larger scale.


We have grown accustomed to the intolerant speech from homosexual activists who refuse to extend the same level of tolerance to those who oppose their views.  However, tracking voters down and harassing them at their own private residences goes beyond the pale.



Such behavior has no place in an American democracy and the bullying and intimidation must stop now.



I ask that you stand firm and show your enthusiasm for upholding the definition of marriage by supporting our efforts with a financial contribution of $50, $75 or $100 today.



We can win on November 6th, if we have your support.




Together we can make a difference,



Derek McCoy


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