Wednesday, August 1, 2012

PFOX eats at Chick-fil-A

We waited until after the lunch hour before setting out to downtown Washington DC to buy our chick filet sandwiches from the Chick-fil-A food truck. No good. The line was still 25 people in front of us and 20 people behind us. The other food trucks had either left or there were only 3 to 4 people in line waiting to buy their food. We noticed the diversity of the people in the Chick-fil-A line waiting in the hot sun and humidity -- black, white, Hispanic, young, old, male and female. We all waited patiently and ordered a fine meal.

As parents of children with same-sex attractions, PFOX opposes homofascism, we support equal rights of Christians like the chick-fil-a founders to speak openly in society,without threats of retaliation, on the same basis that gays and their supporters currently enjoy. PFOX calls upon Exodus to oppose homofascism in this country.  As past recipients of a chick-fil-A grant, Exodus should publicly support their financial backer.


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