Friday, August 24, 2012

The Face of Intolerance

Maryland Marriage Alliance
Happy Family

Dear MMA Supporter,


As many of you are now aware, Leo Johnson a security guard at the Family Research Council in Washington, DC was shot and wounded  last week.  As the circumstances of the incident become clear, it seems that the assailant attacked the FRC guard because of the organization's strong opposition to same-sex marriage.


I understand that people on both sides of this issue have strong convictions and passions about their beliefs.  However, when that passion turns into a rage that would cause an individual to harm another, passion has turned into something un-American.


Sexual bigot, religious red neck, homophobe and coward are the more mild tempered epitaphs that have been hurled at people who support upholding marriage – and these slurs are from public officials.  Vincent Gray, the mayor of a neighboring region even said that people who do not share his view on same-sex marriage are not welcome in Washington, D.C.


After the Washington Blade posted the names AND addresses of individuals who signed the marriage petition, we began receiving emails and phone calls from people who were harassed at their homes.  Our Facebook page is constantly under attack by people like the one below!  This post was made only days after the shooting at the FRC.  It is just another example of how our opponents refuse to extend the tolerance that they demand from others. We take these threats seriously and report them immediately to law enforcement.


The Maryland Marriage Alliance applauds the gay rights groups that quickly distanced themselves from the FRC shooting by denouncing the intolerant act.  We ask that they go one step further and encourage their supporters to practice tolerance in action and speech.


We ask that you support The Maryland Marriage Alliance and our diverse coalition of organizations dedicated to speaking out with passion and civility about marriage. Commit to voting NO to redefining marriage.



Executive Director

Maryland Marriage Alliance

If you have been harassed because you want to uphold marriage as a union between one man and one woman, contact our office today.

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Can we count on your support today?

littlefamily The Maryland Marriage Alliance is a grassroots, non-partisan, interfaith coalition dedicated to preserving the traditional definition of marriage in Maryland law.
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