Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ask Gov. Brown to Veto SB 1172



Last Opportunity to Stop SB 1172


Last Opportunity to Stop SB 1172


Dear Friends of Freedom:


We are asking you to contact California Governor Jerry Brown (pictured right) today and ask him to veto Senate Bill 1172. As most of you know SB 1172 is the latest and most dangerous attempt on the part of extreme activists to prohibit the clinical treatment of individuals who are seeking assistance with their unwanted homosexual attractions.


This clearly unconstitutional legislation was amended over a dozen time until the new law would only restrict the treatment of minor children, but it sets a dangerous president and now that both houses of the California legislature have passed the bill we we have this one last chance to stop SB 1172 from becoming law.


By clicking here you will be taken to the California Family Council site where the telephone numbers for the Governor's office are listed as well as an email contact form for emailing the Governor.


We know you are busy but this action is more important than you can imagine. Just last week a New Jersey legislator announced that he would introduce the same legislation in his state during the upcoming session. The time to stop this trend is now, today!


Thank you for your support,


The NARTH Board of Directors

Christopher Rosik, Ph.D.





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