Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Do police neglect hate crimes against Christians?

September 2012 ed. 01

Police have ‘a pattern’ of ignoring anti-Christian hate crimes

Ben Johnson, LifeSiteNews

WASHINGTON, D.C., August 28, 2012, ( – Washington, D.C., is one of many localities that includes a “hate crimes” law, which says additional consequences will be imposed if a criminal targets a person for one of many reasons, including the “political affiliation of a victim.”

Why then are the capital’s police not investigating the Family Research Center shooting as a hate crime?

That’s the question Maggie Gallagher asks in her most recent syndicated column.

FRC shooter Floyd Corkins II – a homosexual activist from Herndon, Virginia – reportedly shouted, “I don’t like your politics” as he opened fire inside the headquarters of the Family Research Center, wounding Leo Johnson. Yet there is no word D.C. police intend to punish someone of Corkins’ political orientation.

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In Alan's Own Words

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Alan Chambers. president of Exodus International, no longer believes that "change is posssible" and now believes that "gay Christians" will spend eternity with Christ.

Watch and listen to Alan in his own words,

There is love and light with Christ, not hate!

Why are Christians maligned? Because truth is unpopular...
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