Monday, September 24, 2012

FW: Are You a Racist or a Bigot?



Dear MMA Supporter,

With only 47 days remaining until Marylanders vote on the definition of marriage, the consequences of not upholding marriage are clear.  Marylanders who do not believe that marriage is a genderless institution existing only for the benefit of adults will be treated under the law just like racists and bigots.

Supporters of same-sex marriage have sent out letters to the media and accused us of using scare tactics because we are simply stating the truth of what is happening across the country when same-sex marriage is made legal. 

·      Nonprofit groups are faced with abandoning their historic mission principles in order to maintain governmental contracts (for things like low-income housing, health clinics, etc.)

·      Whenever schools educate children about marriage, which happens throughout the curriculum, they will have no choice but to teach this new genderless institution. In Massachusetts, kids as young as second grade were taught about gay marriage in class. The courts ruled that parents had no right to prior notice, or to opt their children out of such instruction.

·      Wedding professionals have been fined for refusing to participate in a same-sex ceremony. Christian innkeepers in Vermont and Illinois are being sued over their refusal to make their facilities available for same-sex weddings despite offers to refer the couples to other providers and in spite of the deeply-held religious views of the inn-keepers. The outcome in Vermont? The innkeepers will no longer accept any wedding-related events. Surely a big blow to their income – and to their religious freedom.

·      Doctors, lawyers, accountants and other licensed professionals risk their state licensure if they act on their belief that a same-sex couple cannot really be married. A counselor, for example, could not refuse 'marriage therapy' to a same-sex couple because she doesn't believe in gay marriage. She'd put her licensure at risk.


We must uphold marriage in Maryland as a union between one man and one woman. The Maryland Marriage Alliance needs your help TODAY.  Can we count on you to join our efforts as a volunteer and encourage your neighbors to VOTE AGAINST QUESTION SIX?  Volunteering only takes a few hours each week.  You can join a phone bank, neighborhood walk or participate in an MMA event.

With your help, we can win on November 6th and uphold marriage as a union between one man and one woman.


Derek McCoy
Chairman, Maryland Marriage Alliance




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