Friday, September 21, 2012

Fwd: Church Leaders Engaged in Voter Registration

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September 21, 2012

Church Leaders Engaged in Voter Registration

With voter registration deadlines quickly approaching, Liberty Counsel is urging pastors and churches to encourage their members to register to vote. Church leaders have two more Sundays, September 23 and 30, to get their congregants ready to cast their ballots on Election Day.

In one church, the pastor has those in the congregation who are of voting age to stand. Then he asks those who are registered to vote to sit down, and ushers pass out voter registration request forms to those left standing. Other churches have voter registration tables onsite.

Pastors are being encouraged to address the Biblical reasons to become an active citizen who votes. Liberty Counsel provides on its website a voter registration link, where people can request a voter registration form. Liberty Counsel also provides additional information on voter registration, bulletin inserts, and other information on what pastors and churches can do regarding political activity. Liberty Counsel provides voter guides to help educate the electorate. These guides can be distributed by churches and other 501(c)(3), nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations. See Pastors, Churches, and Political Activity.

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