Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fwd: Massacre to Pro-SSM Dems in Rhode Island!

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The Providence Phoenix got it exactly right: "Tonight's Democratic primaries [in Rhode Island] were not kind to gay marriage supporters."

A massive last-minute surge of money from pro gay marriage millionaire Tim Gill couldn't drown out the voice of the people, who defeated five out of six pro gay marriage state senators.

"Advocates [for same-sex marriage] will be playing defense" in November as well, the Phoenix wrote.

In New Hampshire, we defeated two of the incumbent Republicans who betrayed their constituents on marriage. NOM sent mailers into these districts reminding voters where these incumbents stood on marriage. Billionaire Paul Singer's pro gay marriage group attempted to save these Republican flip-floppers but couldn't save Peter Bolster and David Welch.

The media and pro gay marriage millionaires want to overwhelm us with their money and influence. But we know in every race where we have the resources to share our pro-marriage message—and in every race where the people get to vote and decide—we can win. We just did again.

We have more critical contests in the days and weeks ahead. So please make your most generous gift possible to NOM right now so we can send a message to every politician who has betrayed us on marriage—you do so at your own political peril!

Before I conclude I just have to quickly add what I saw in the New York Times (of all places!) today. Robert Bellafiore, a communications consultant and former press secretary for New York Governor George Pataki, speaking about the effort by the pro gay marriage millionaires to coax and bribe Republicans to abandon their defense of marriage, argued that the serial defeat of pro gay marriage politicians serves as a reminder to future politicians that they should respect their constituents' views on marriage!

Here's how Bellafiore put it (in somewhat colorful language): "It's hard to convince somebody to take their first bungee jump if all they see at the bottom of the jump is a bunch of splattered bodies."

I don't have anything to add to that. But you can—you can add your financial resources and your powerful voice to those of us fighting to protect marriage and hold politicians who betray marriage accountable. Please make your largest gift to date to NOM right now so we can dissuade future politicians from ever again daring to mess with marriage!

We know it works, we just witnessed another reminder that it works, so help us work together to save marriage every time it comes under attack.


Brian S Brown
Brian Brown
President, National Organization for Marriage (NOM)

PS: Primary elections are taking place around the country, and a win now is often a win in advance! I know some of you can give a big gift to help us launch our election plan to make primary elections across the country big wins for marriage. The road to the November elections starts NOW, so please make a generous donation right away to help NOM WIN more elections for marriage!

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