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Let's not let the g*y lobby get away with this!



Volume 7, Issue 34

September 11th, 2012

Let's not let the gay lobby get away with this.

Prof. Mark Regnerus of the University of Texas conducted an important study regarding children of same-sex couples. Naturally, the gay lobby cried foul and demanded an investigation, accusing Regnerus of scientific misconduct. THAT made news. The fact that he has since been cleared of any misconduct, hardly a peep.

The mission of the gay lobby has been accomplished. It doesn't matter whether Regnerus is innocent or not. His name has been smeared, and that's all that matters. Now, when anyone hears of the Regnerus study they will say, "Oh, yeah, but wasn't that accused of being unscientific?"

Unless we do our part to let everyone know that the study was legit, the mud remains on this man and his findings. Please, dear readers, send the article below to your local or favorite radio and TV news outlets. Urge them to invite Dr. Allen or myself on to their programs to talk about this.

Thank you,

Dr. Morse

P.S. Read all about the study below.

Ruth Institute Circle of Experts member, Dr. Doug Allen

Doug Allen is a professor of economics at Simon Fraser University. He has studied marriage and divorce, child support guidelines, the life-cycle demand for sex, and same sex marriage, among other topics. Professor Allen is the author of two popular undergraduate microeconomic theory textbooks. He has also co-edited a book on the family, co-authored a book on farm organization, and has recently completed a book on pre-modern British institutions.

Dr. Allen gave a smashing talk at ITAF on the Truth about Same Sex Parenting Studies. Unfortunately, that was one talk where the recording didn't come out! But you can hear him talk about the subject, if you can get your local radio show host to have him as a guest!

The Marriage Institution and the Impact of Divorce 

Dr. Doug Allen, microeconomics textbook author and Burnaby Mountain professor of economics at Simon Fraser University, spoke at our ITAF conference. His first talk is entitled "The Marriage Institution and the Impact of Divorce." (Click the POD icon.)

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The Ruth Institute
Congratulates University of Texas Professor Mark Regnerus:
UT's Research Integrity Office Finds No Academic Misconduct

University of Texas (UT) Sociology Professor Mark Regnerus' recent study: New Family Structures Study, focused on children raised by gay parents versus heterosexual parents. After receiving complaints from a gay advocate about Prof. Regnerus' research, UT initiated an inquiry into his study and concluded that Prof. Regnerus was innocent on all accounts. Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, founder and President of the Ruth Institute congratulated Prof. Regnerus by stating:

"I am relieved that this ideologically motivated witch hunt has ended. Every honest scholar in America should be relieved as well. The person complaining about Prof. Regnerus' work did not like the results of the study and, therefore, assumed Prof. Regnerus must be guilty of misconduct. Unfortunately, the complainant can't tell the difference between legitimate differences of opinion or interpretation, and full-on academic misconduct. These charges were so frivolous they did not even merit a formal investigation."

UT's Research Integrity Officer stated in his report to the Provost: "None of the allegations of scientific misconduct were substantiated either by physical data, written materials, or by information provided during interviews. Several of the allegations were expressly beyond the purview of the inquiry. In brief, (the complainant) believed the Regnerus research was seriously flawed and inferred that there must be scientific misconduct. However, there is no evidence to support that inference."

The Provost report continued: "Since no evidence was provided to indicate that the behavior at issue rose to a level of scientific misconduct, no formal investigation is warranted. The issues raised fall within that portion of the University's definition of scientific misconduct that states, 'ordinary errors, good faith differences in interpretations or judgments of data, scholarly or political differences, good faith personal or professional opinions, or private moral or ethical behavior or views are not misconduct.'"

Prof. Regnerus' study boldly contradicted the Establishment's view of "no differences" between the children of same sex parents and opposite sex parents. The most explosive results in the paper can be found in Table 2: Young adults whose mothers had a same sex relationship at some point in their childhoods were more likely to have been touched sexually by an adult, more likely to have had sex against their will, and less likely to describe themselves as exclusively heterosexual, than children raised by their married biological parents.

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Action Item:

Look up your local news tv and radio stations. Email your favorite newscasters the press release in this newsletter. Let them know that the information in Pref. Regnerus' study is true. Then urge them to invite Dr. Morse or Dr. Allen on to their programs to talk about this.

Talking Point:

"If we have to throw out the Regnerus study, we have to throw out virtually every other study on the impact of same sex parenting on children. Previous studies are far worse, using less representative samples and drawing far more unjustified sweeping conclusions than the Regnerus study." -Prof. Doug Allen (From this week's main article.)


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