Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Match Your Donation Dollar for Dollar

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Match Your Donation Dollar for Dollar

Sept. 11, 2012

Dear Marriage Supporter,

We have an incredible opportunity over the next two weeks.


A generous donor has agreed to match donations up to $100,000 – meaning that if we are up for the challenge, we could bring in $200,000 in just two weeks!



As you know, our opponents have already spent $5 million on television ads. While we don't have to match our opponents' spending, we DO have to raise the amount WE need to get our message out to voters! Will you make a generous donation TODAY so that we can spread our message across Washington State?


Time is running out in our campaign. In about a month, ballots will be mailed to voters. Television advertising is rising in cost every day. We must bring in the funds so that we can secure ad time—and reach voters with our message of truth.


We know that Referendum 74, the redefining of marriage, is both harmful and unnecessary. After all, same-sex couples already enjoy full legal equality in Washington. We must work together to REJECT Referendum 74 on November 6—future generations are depending on you and me to rise up and answer the call to action!


We don't want Washington to become like other states that have redefined marriage. Just recently, a Christian innkeeper in Vermont was fined over $30,000 because of his refusal to allow a same-sex couple to have their wedding reception on his property—even though his refusal was due to his deeply held religious convictions about the sanctity of marriage!



With your support, we will preserve marriage as the union between one man and woman on November 6. 



Joseph Backholm, Chairman
Preserve Marriage Washington

P.S. Forward this email to five of your friends so that they can take part in our money bomb challenge!

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