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Must-Watch Video Exposes Exodus' Bow to "Gay Christianity"

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UPDATE: Gay militant smears AFTAH, again: Less than 24 ours after we posted the article and video below about Exodus International's tragic embrace of "gay Christianity" [click HERE], AFTAH founder Peter LaBarbera was attacked by notorious homosexual militant Wayne Besen (who came up with the hateful smear "Porno Pete"): see Besen's lie-filled "report" here: 

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Dear AFTAH Readers,

So much of the public discourse surrounding the aggressive agenda to normalize homosexuality deals with politics and culture, but committed Christians also need to stay vigilant as to how the "gay" activist movement is slowly but surely undermining the Word of God. That's because cunning homosexual ideologues desperate for validation of their sinful and unhealthy life choices are working overtime to persuade the Church that "gay Christianity" is viable.  That's right: groups like the "Gay Christian Network" claim that you can be proudly homosexual and a faithful Christian!  And now this unbiblical crusade has an unlikely new ally: Alan Chambers of Exodus International, which USED to tell "gays and lesbians" that they could change and leave homosexuality behind. But no more.

Alan Chambers of Exodus International: embracing a "gay" version of Christianity

Thankfully, Christians who love homosexuals enough to tell them the truth -- that they must repent of their homosexual behavior rather than trying to incorporate it into their identity -- are exposing Chambers' unscriptural embrace of "gay Christianity."  They are working to raise up a new, biblically-sound alternative to Exodus.  Please read my short introduction below and watch this compelling video, then pass it on. God bless. -- Peter LaBarbera, Americans For Truth

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VIDEO: Exodus International President Alan Chambers Apologizes to ‘Gay Christian Network’

September 2, 2012



Words cannot express my disappointment in Exodus International President Alan Chambers’ “exodus” from biblical truth on homosexuality.  This 17-minute video of Chambers addressing a pro-homosexual, ostensibly ”Christian” group (Gay Christian Network) aptly sums up his tragic defection.  [For a rebuttal, see Prof. Rob Gagnon's paper, "Time for a Leadership Change at Exodus?"]  Poor Alan is way beyond his pay grade here: imagine heading up an “ex-gay” umbrella group — which is how Exodus once described itself — and apologizing to unrepentant homosexuals for the simple slogan “Change is possible.”  Shame.  Substitute another sexual sin (say, pornography) for homosexuality (“sexual orientation”) – and Chambers’ “apology” makes no sense at all. (For that matter, would anyone take a “Porn-using Christians Network” -- or a “Christian Lusters Network” -- seriously and “dialogue” with them?)

Sad but true: these days when Christians ”dialogue” with homosexual activists, as Chambers often does, it is usually the Christians who bend toward the world (sin) rather than vice versa.  Stay tuned for more on this stunning story of Exodus’ and Chambers’ break with historic Christian teaching on homosexuality. — Peter LaBarbera, AFTAH

[Go here to watch video:]

This video was produced by Oklahoma City-based First Stone Ministries, led by our friend and former homosexual Stephen Black. First Stone recently broke away from Exodus International and is now part of a new, biblically-faithful umbrella group for sexual strugglers, Restored Hope Network. Go HERE to watch this same video on YouTube.

Peter LaBarbera

Americans For Truth About Homosexuality

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