Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New Poll Spells Trouble for Referendum 74


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Poll Indicates that R-74 is headed for defeat

September 17, 2012


Many of you have been asking for "good news" from the Preserve Marriage Washington, REJECT R-74, campaign.  We have some for you today.  A recent poll indicates that R-74 is likely headed for defeat despite what the main stream media would have you believe.

Below is PMW's press release regarding the most recent polling on Referendum 74.

We hope that you are encouraged by this news; we certainly are.  As we have been saying, if we get the funds to get our message out we will win this fight.  This poll clearly points in this direction.  Please help us get our message out with a generous gift today.

Here's the release:


Preserve Marriage Washington Says Elway Poll Spells Trouble for Referendum 74


Survey Suggests that despite nearly two months of advertising, voters are not excited about same-sex marriage


SEATTLE -- A poll conducted by Seattle-based Elway Research released on September 17 shows voters' opinions on same-sex marriage have plateaued, despite proponents' airing of television commercials since the Olympics in late July. According to The Elway Poll, 51% of respondents surveyed September 9-12 would approve Referendum 74 to redefine marriage,  while 37% would reject it. Those numbers are virtually the same as those in The Elway Poll's July survey.


"This poll spells bad news for the backers of Referendum 74 which redefines marriage in Washington state," said Frank Schubert, campaign manager for Preserve Marriage Washington, which urges voters to reject R-74. "Our opponents have had the airwaves to themselves for weeks, but they have failed to close the deal. Soon voters will start to hear the other side of the debate, and we expect support for Referendum 74 to collapse."


The director of the survey explained in a news release that ballot measures with less than 60% support in the late summer almost always fail. H. Stuart Elway, president of Elway Research stated, , ,  "Measures that poll below 60% in the summer are likely to lose. Since 1992, there have been 24 measures that polled below 60% in the summer: only 8 passed (33%). On the other hand, 26 of 30 measures that polled above 60% passed in November (87% success rate)."   Referendum 74 has never polled above 60%.


"This survey largely mirrors our own polling and gives us confidence that we will be able to win once we get our messages out to voters," said Joseph Backholm, Chairman of Preserve Marriage Washington. "Same-sex couples already have all the same rights and benefits as married couples under Washington law. Moreover, there are real consequences to redefining marriage, which is what would happen if Referendum 74 is approved. When Washingtonians understand those points, we're confident they will vote to reject Referendum 74."


Preserve Marriage Washington is a coalition of community and faith groups and hundreds of thousands of citizens who support marriage as the union of one man and one woman. For more information, visit


According to its website, The Elway Poll is "the only independent non-partisan, on-going analysis of public opinion trends in Washington State and the northwest." 


For our families,

Joseph Backholm, Chairman
Preserve Marriage Washington

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