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Our kids' flyer creates quite a stir

September 2012 ed.

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Human Rights Campaign Bullies Mission America in the Name of Bullying

Claims "telling someone they are wrong" is bullying!
Mission America Report

When we recently introduced our new flyer for kids, which provides an age-appropriate, Christian perspective on homosexuality and opposes bullying, it seemed pretty innocuous.

And it is. But reality doesn't look the same when you are a homosexual activist organization, and one couldn't pass up the opportunity to bully yet another pro-family group.

We can't guess their motives. Actual hate for the truth? Fund-raising? Who knows.

Our flyer, "Question and Answers for Kids about Homosexuality," is HERE.

The outrageous HRC article slamming our flyer, is

HRC's venom speaks volumes. Shutting down free speech and defending deviance: this is the true face of homosexuality in America, friends.

Our flyer,meanwhile, continues to get many positive comments from both pastors and parents.  

Is Gay Group Bullying a Small Town?

Mary Lou Byrd
The Revered Review

Erie, IL — The town of Erie, Illinois, with its roughly 1,500 residents, isn't used to being in the spotlight. Yet, the town has made the national news, has been the focus of a Twitter campaign, and an online petition is aimed at its school board.

It's all because Erie refused to allow materials from the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) into their pre-kindergarten through fourth grade elementary school. The local school board, after listening to parents' concerns, voted to reject the materials [called "Ready,Set, RESPECT"] by the GLSEN.

ARTICLE continues

Is the Truth "Hateful" for Kids? Or Hopeful?

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