Tuesday, October 16, 2012

BREAKING: Volunteer Verbally Attacked


October 16, 2012

Dear Marriage Supporter,

Yesterday, one of our volunteers, Arlene Mark – a Chinese American woman – was verbally attacked while waiting to distribute literature to other volunteers. What is more, Nikki Davis who came to her aid – an African American woman – was assailed with racial slurs.

 Arlene discusses the attack at a press conference today. 

This incident should serve as a wake-up call to us: Our opponents are far from tolerant of those who believe in traditional marriage, and we must stand together in defense of marriage before we are silenced by activists and the courts. Right now, we're coming up short of what we need to get our message out. If we do not secure the amount we need, we risk losing votes that could cost us victory.



According to the victims, the assailant ran at Arlene's car, hit the back of her vehicle, and ripped the Reject 74 campaign yard sign off of the side of her car that she had taped onto her vehicle so that other volunteers who were going to meet her in the parking lot could recognize her in the rain.  As he tore the sign, threw it on the ground, and stomped on it, the same-sex marriage activist yelled at Arlene, "This is what I think of your f---ing sign!  I'm gay and proud of it."  The perpetrator shouted vulgar profanities at Arlene calling her a "b----" and screaming "f---- you!" 


The assailant then turned his ire on Nikki Davis, an individual uninvolved with the campaign who came to Arlene's aid. He proceeded to hurl racial epithets and vile slurs at her, including calling her a "black b----" and the n-word, and telling her to "go back to Africa." He also pounded on the back of the van, and kicked its tires. Nikki, who was terrified for Arlene, for herself, and for her children who were with her in the car, called the police.

We cannot stand by silently as activists have their way in Washington State. Will you stand with us in support of preserving marriage by donating right NOW? Election Day is 21 days away – and ballots arrive in mailboxes in just two or three DAYS. Your donation – no matter how big or small – will go directly to securing ad time on TV airwaves across Washington. Don't let activists silence our voices on marriage – give generously TODAY.


Chip White, Communications Director
Preserve Marriage Washington

P.S. Check out this new video from the National Organization for Marriage: Marriage = Biology (Not Bigotry)

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