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Fwd: They That Be With Us, Part Three

They That Be With Us, Part Three

October 15, 2012

Here is our final report of the speeches we heard at the Values Voter Summit sponsored by the Family Research Council in Washington D. C. in September, although we will be further reporting on an important break-out session we attended and doing a review or two on books we were given there. If you have the time, we suggest that you watch the video of these speeches for yourself at the Values Voter Summit website. Now that we are energized and inspired toward truth, faith, confidence, patriotism, and action, perhaps the most important things we can all do are share what we know with others, of course vote, and urge everyone within our sphere of influence throughout the nation and those serving in the military outside the country to register and vote next month. Now is the time to take courage, pray for the Spirit, talk to others about important issues, and stand for truth and righteousness.

Kamal Saleem, former terrorist
He had his first terror assignment toward Israel at age 7. In his late teens he was converted to Christianity, and to God be the glory for that. He quoted Matt 24:4 about being deceived. Ishmael hated Abraham, was deceived and received a new, orphan spirit, which taught him to hate God. He quoted Psalms 33:9-12. Blessed is the people whose God is the Lord. Isaiah said kings and queens will lift you up. Deut 10:8. The presence of the Lord blesses the people. In Obama we chose a king instead of the King of Kings. The presence of the Lord is a must. As a boy he dreamed about killing Jews and Christians, as he was taught by his mother. He was indoctrinated in the mosque. He was taught how to marry and infiltrate nations. He was trained by the Islamic brotherhood, then the PLO. They tried putting explosive belts on sheep. When a friend died in a terrorist attack, the mother celebrated his death. Europeans have no passion for their people like radical Islamists do. They are intent on setting up an Islamic culture in Europe. He came to America to establish an Islamic civilization and jihad. But God had a different story for Kamal. Colleges are a jihadist's playground. America slept while they worked. He was in an accident and was sent to the Christian surgeon's home to recover. They were the Living God to him. You each are the walking Living God to others. He was astonished when the wife asked her husband to clean bathroom. In Islam women don't tell men to help. Allah and Jehovah are not the same god. Our God came to serve us. He said that he learned liberty comes from the Bible. Everything about freedom in America was birthed from the Bible. Because of those Christians he lives in liberty, and nobody tells him how to live his life, including Barack Obama. To God be the glory. Here in Christianity he learned the power of forgiveness. Your God goes before you day and night. Nothing shall harm you, for I am Jehovah, God Almighty. He recovered from his injury and asked to stay with the Christian family. They made him their nanny. He prayed to Allah, speak to me. Nothing. He prayed to God. He spoke to me. He is a living God. How do you kill a terrorist? Introduce them to Jesus. You in America are the light on the hill. You are the breadbasket of the world. You send food. You send soldiers to give freedom. He said, "I salute the military in the name of the Living God. You are our heroes. When the President bows the knee before foreign kings, he recognizes that king's authority over us. There is a proposed UN resolution 1618 on hate crimes, to make speaking against Islam a crime. He quoted from Ecclesiastes. There is a time for everything: To be born, to mourn, to dance, for war, for peace. The war we're in now is not by rifle. Now it is to vote and set people free. We should vote for those who choose the Lion of God, the Savior of the people. This the time to make a difference. God needs you.

Ken Cuccinelli, Attorney General, Virginia
We cannot be anything but vigilant on the topics of liberty and life. There is tension built into our constitutional system. When there aren't enough politicians to curtail the federal government, it's up to the states. The Federalist papers 25-31 are worth reading concerning the role of states in the system they set up. The government is working to steal freedom at an unprecedented rate. Obama thinks he can force America to buy things just like King George- our own president whom we elected! Can the federal government regulate commerce by forcing us to buy a product? This is an incredible invasion of liberty. Doing nothing is being called "economic activity," [as in wanting to refrain from buying health insurance]. The government has power to regulate your decision, your thinking, your choice not to buy heath care. It's about liberty, not heath care. The Supreme Court agreed with us on the commerce clause, but then said it was a tax. No judge in America held that this was a tax until the Supreme Court. One judge changed everything. The tax (because it's a tax now) can be repealed by a simple majority in the U.S. Senate, rather than the usual 60 votes. Supreme Court appointments are critical to finally get nine people who will read the Constitution instead of write their own. This is true for the lower courts as well. It's so important to prevent these bad ideas, because it's harder to get out of bad programs. We need an outbreak of freedom in government. He calls the EPA "the employment prevention agency."FCC is trying to regulate the internet. They call it net neutrality. If they say neutral, it isn't. In the face of a court order to the contrary, they are doing this. They ignore the rule of law. If the president, who promised to uphold our laws, is the greatest lawbreaker of all . . .

Rick Santorum, former Senator from Pennsyvania and former presidential candidate

Three Ps: Pray (always first), Prepare (register to vote), Participate (vote).
If Obamacare is allowed, our country will be very different. It's about who we are as America. "There's a lot more at stake in this country than just economics," such as what's happening in the Middle East. Obama has coddled and appeased every country that wants to do us and Israel harm. And turned his back on our friends. He's said, if you are a friend you're on your own, If you're our enemy let's talk. He doesn't believe in business, family, or faith; he just believes in government to do more until we're all equal. He wants international organizations to be the arbiters. The future of America is decline. The media likes what he does, his abuse of power. They ought to be careful because there may come an abuse even they don't like. This president did what the law says he cannot do. He acted like an emperor, not a president, and when that happens we can not longer be a republic. Name one country in which respect for America has grown in the last four years. They don't respect weakness. The economy works when we work, not when the people in Washington work. We have a president who doesn't talk about our founding principles. He just talks about all the things they are going to give you. Understand that when the government gives you something they can take it away and tell you how you must use it. This is how it takes away freedom. Our founders gave us a model that transformed the world. It's been copied around the world to some extent. One result is that life expectancy has increased. Two institutions, the church and the family, are our only hope. They say we don't want to talk about social issues. But without family and church there are no conservative values and founding principles. It is our job to spread this among those who believe in American values. It is our watch. We must pledge our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor to each other. We have to do what God has called us to do. This is the most important election we will ever know. I feel blessed to be here when my country needs me.

Lila Rose, President, Live Action
[Lila Rose is a young woman who started an organization that has exposed corruption at Planned Parenthood clinics on video such as false statements by executives, PP assisting sex traffickers, not reporting sexual abuses, and breaking sex-selection abortion laws. Planned Parenthood receives a huge chunk of its funds from the federal government, that is, our tax dollars.]

A war on women? Do we need to duck and cover? There is a problem, women are in danger, but not because women can't get free birth control or abortions. It's the unborn women being destroyed. The real current war is to destroy our beliefs. When we stop valuing life we lose everything. Mother Thereas said, in a nation in which a mother will kill her own children, what is left but for us to kill one another? Story of Tonya Reeves: She went to Planned Parenthood to seek an abortion. (They kill over 300,000 children a year.) The abortion was botched; she was bleeding internally. But PP is careful about their image, about marketing, public relations, dismantling others they don't like. They didn't want to embarrass themselves with an ambulance coming. So they waited several hours and didn't tell anyone that something was wrong. Tonya was finally taken to a hospital where she died that day. And this is about women's health??? This is the real war on women. Our current administration is pushing more and more extreme abortion measures. Hospitals are practicing infanticide by letting babies born alive by botched abortions die. And then there's sex-selective abortion which Obama supported. It's a war on baby girls. So Live Action went under cover. Our actor told the PP worker that she was pregnant and wanted an abortion because it was a girl and she wanted a boy. The PP worker told our actor she could have an abortion for any reason she wanted. Four states have laws against sex-selection abortion. PP openly breaks the law. Romney has pledged to defund PP. We need women who value life and liberty. When we get the facts out we can take our country back, a country that protects the right to life.

Religious Liberty Panel: Lt. Gen. (ret.) William Boykin, Former Commander, Delta Force; Mike Johnson, Esq., Liberty Institute; Todd Starnes, FOX News
The bedrock upon which all our other freedoms rest is religious freedom. The Founders believed that a man whose religious convictions were oppressed could never be a good citizen. Now our first amendment freedom is being turned upside down. It's time to turn it right side up. Does the first amendment protect your private religious expression? A judge warned against praying in Medina Valley High School in Texas when Angela Hildenbrand [she was also on the panel] wanted to pray in her valedictory address. An anti-prayer family brought the suit. She actually faced possible incarceration. The Liberty Institute helped her sue and the court awarded her the right to pray. Finally there are Christians standing up for their rights. It's an all-out assault that is getting worse, but we can win this war if we aren't afraid. It's all about intimidation, but we usually win when we stand up. There is absolutely, unequivocally, a war against Christianity in this country. Federal authorities are now investigating a film maker over his film. This is not about a film. It's about free speech. If any gov. official can tell anyone what to say according to their conscience, what is to stop them from calling any minister and telling him to tone down his sermon on gay marriage, or whatever? Jesus was an extremely controversial figure. Young people have to be ready at a moment's notice to profess their beliefs.

Lt. General William Boykin was invited to speak generally on faith to cadets at West Point. A
protest came from American Islamic Relations (a front for the Muslim Brotherhood in America), and he got uninvited. Then an Islamic radical was asked to speak at Fort Hood! [This is the Texas army base at which the radical Islamist shot 12 and wounded 31 in Nov. 20011.] Karl Marx's goal was to dethrone God and destroy capitalism. Maybe these people don't call themselves Marxists but these are their beliefs and goals. What we are seeing is Marxism, destroying the idea of a sovereign God to insert government, so people will depend on government instead of God.

Todd Starnes at foxnews.com/toddstarnes tells stories everyday of people facing attack because of their belief in Jesus. A group of 12-13-year-old school children from Arizona on a field trip were praying in front of the U. S. Supreme Court Building when police immediately descended on them and told them they couldn't pray there. So they stood in the gutter of our nation's capitol and prayed. Just preaching the gospel is becoming dangerous. Where is the outrage when Christians are subjected to the humiliation coming out of Hollywood?

Mike Johnson told how people are actually saying crazy things now like the mention of the name of Jesus is evil. Religion and morality are our essential supports. Without religious freedom there is no political freedom. In postmodernism truth is replaced by tolerance. Christianity says there is one way, one truth, one light. The claims of Christianity have always been offensive to some people. We don't have the luxury of complacency any longer. Even just a few years ago we didn't have to do what we have to do now, that is, fight for our religious rights.

For more information go to religioushostility.org where the FRC reports daily.

If you have more time, we urge you to view these excellent speeches at the Values Voter Summit website.

--Stephen & Janice Graham
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