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Last chance to register for Wife's Healing Journey workshop Nov. 2-4

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 If you know a woman who is married to a man who deals with SSA
 or sex addiction, please forward this email to her!



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"A Wife's Healing Journey" Weekend


Community, Support and Experiential Healing

for Wives of Same-Sex-Attracted
and/or Sex-Addicted Men


Friday, November 2

through Sunday, November 4, 2012

at a retreat center northeast of Houston, Texas


This powerful weekend retreat is designed especially for wives of men who struggle with same-sex attraction (SSA) and/or sex addiction.


You don't have to go through this alone any more!


Experiential in nature, this weekend retreat addresses many of the hurtful issues associated with being married to a man with SSA and/or sex addiction. It was co-created by Mary Jane Morgan, wife of a man who formerly struggled with SSA, and Rich Wyler, founder of People Can Change and co-creator of its life-changing Journey Into Manhood program. 

This weekend is for women who are committed to their marriages and to their own personal growth -- and who are ready to experience breakthrough emotional shifts and insights.


"A Wife's Healing Journey" is staffed by women and men whose marriages have survived and even, ultimately, thrived... as the husband addressed the root causes of his struggle, the wife confronted her own anger, fear, betrayal, sadness and shame, and the couple, together, worked towards a more rewarding and intimate relationship as husband and wife.


Experiential processes are designed to help participants better understand themselves and to work through some of the powerful  emotions and unmet expectations that may be keeping them feeling stuck.


Teaching processes and deeply felt sharing by couples who have been there... and beyond... help participants better understand their husband's journey and can instill hope for the future as a couple.


The cost is US$575, which includes the complete program, all meals and two nights' stay at the retreat center. The program is residential; all participants stay on site.


Partial sponsorships and/or payment plans are available to those who are fully committed to their own healing and personal-growth work but who cannot afford the full fee now. (However, funds may be limited.)


A  limited number of grants, ranging from $100 to $300, are available to women in financial need who are committed to their personal growth and to their marriages.


Register Now


or call 1-434-985-8551

or email

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What Past Participants Have Said


About "A Wife's Healing Journey"


"I am a much better person and wife after attending A Wife's Healing Journey. I feel that I understand more (and know more what work I need to do) for my journey and I also feel like I understand my husband's journey. I feel that we are better able to support each other and have drawn closer together because of it."



"I appreciate all the staff who were willing to give of themselves and to share their stories on a subject full of regret and sorrow. It was encouraging to see people who didn't give up and walk away from the hard work but engaged it instead."



"It is difficult to discuss this topic with 'just anyone' in my life, so it was INVALUABLE to see and hear from couples who are on the same journey. It is PRICELESS to know I am NOT alone and it IS possible to make this work." 



"I gained knowledge regarding my husband's SSA.  I was reminded that my thoughts and feelings matter.  My journey was honored.  Releasing shame and moving into a place of forgiveness was huge."



"I felt a physical difference in myself from when I began the weekend to when it ended.  It was very beneficial to me in my life.  I could breath again without a sob coming with my breath.  I feel free from the hurt and anger that engulfed me."



"I left feeling very different than when I entered. I came not thinking I could accept my relationship with my husband because of fear and shame. I left realizing the progress he has made ( and being happy for it) but also realizing that there is nothing wrong with being a 'woman who loves.' "



Rich Wyler
People Can Change


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