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Obama Sex Ad, PFOX, Renting Lacy


Obama Campaign Ad Equates Voting with Sex

Now we've seen everything. Paid for in the millions by Obama for America, the Obama Campaign has released an ad called "Your First Time" in which an actress compares voting for the first time with having premarital sex for the first time, alluding to having sex with someone comparable to President Obama. We think this shocking and suggestive ad, targeting young women, is pornographic in nature. Conservative commentators such as Mark Levin are calling it "contemptible and sick, that the president is dragging this election more and more into the gutter."

Said Levin on his Oct. 25 radio show, "This election is "not about copulation . . . except of course if you're Obama and his team and they think this is going to persuade you to vote for [him]. I'm starting to think . . . that these people are perverts. I'm starting to think that these people have a sexual obsession problem. Endless talk of contraceptives . . there's something wrong with these people. And they think there's something wrong with you."

We agree. Sad to say, there are those among us who would like nothing better than an America made weak and easy to control by being enslaved by their own depravities, and so they pander and coddle them to their advantage. People like Sandra Fluke are mere pawns.

Introducing PFOX: Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays

We would like you to know our friends at PFOX with whom we have enjoyed association for more than a decade. This vibrant organization of untiring, courageous individuals supports families, advocates for the ex-gay community, and educates the public on sexual orientation based on all aspects of human experience including science, family relations, and multiple religious denominations.

"PFOX families unconditionally love their children," states their mission statement, and we have seen this for ourselves, whether their family members are continually involved in the gay lifestyle or have left it behind, and their children know it. Leaders of PFOX include those whose children are acting out and those individuals who have lived the gay lifestyle for decades and subsequently rejected it and reoriented to heterosexuality through therapy and faith.

The PFOX website contains news alerts, videos, resources, great articles, and true redemption testimonials of those who have changed from unwanted homosexuality to their natural heterosexuality. One story is about a man who underwent a degree of sex-change treatments, but who later changed his mind and was helped by PFOX to reverse the treatments and embrace his natural maleness and masculinity.

Excellent brochures such as "Prevent Bullying at your School;" "Can Sexual Orientation Change?"; "Tolerance for the Ex-Gay Community;" and "Gender Identity Disorder," are available for downloading and printing for distribution to churches, schools, universities, libraries, exhibit booths, counselors' offices, diversity centers, etc. It makes sense that the "inclusion of the ex-gay message is the way to spread the word that change is possible and tolerance [respect] for those who have changed is necessary."

PFOX focuses on the realities that "No one is born gay! There are thousands of ex-gays, Anyone can decide to change, It's your life and your decision," which are rejected and ignored by most mainstream media, news organizations, and schools, and vilified by the gay community that supposedly promotes diversity and self-determination.

Thank you PFOX! Keep up the good work!

The Pornified and Prostituted Child
Book Review of Renting Lacy by Linda Smith

"Who are these men, and sometimes women, who lust after a child?" That is the sickening crux of the problem of child sex trafficking, for if there were no demand for it, it would not exist. This dark, cruel and inhuman subculture is exposed in Linda Smith's book, Renting Lacy which we received at the Family Research Council's Values Voter Summit in Washington D. C. recently as we attended a breakout session. Linda spoke on this topic along with a former victim of child sex slavery who has become an advocate for those enslaved today.

Aside from the selfish dismissing, despising, and destroying of the unborn, we can hardly think of anything as wicked as the sexualization, indoctrination, and exploitation of children for adult greed and perverse sexual pleasure.

What we learned right off is that child sex trafficking is not, as most have heard, an international problem occurring only outside of the United States or to foreign children brought into the U. S. No, it is a domestic problem, too, here, in our cities and towns where victims are harvested from our neighborhoods, schools, and churches. "[T]here are over 100,000 domestic child sex trafficking victims in the USA each year - 100,000 or more who don't come in from other countries . . . our own children." Victims are mostly girls, but boys also. And the customers? Heterosexual, and undoubtedly also homosexual.

Writes Smith,"[M]en in any country, our own included, don't usually travel far to buy a trafficked child. In any area where buying sex is 'normalized,' local men buy - unhindered by legal penalty or public shame." Indeed, "child sex slavery can only happen in countries, regions, and communities that have developed a culture of tolerance for commercial sex." Bingo. That is us. Smith further reports that "minor sex trafficking is a burgeoning criminal enterprise in America" and that "gangs are turning to prostituting minors as a less risky source of revenue than drug trafficking or other crimes."

Why, why, why young children? is the inevitable, heart-wrenching question. Smith gives us at least part of the answer: We did not realize that child pornography, an addictive marketing tool for sex trafficking, "depicts children enjoying sexual acts, and buyers want to experience what they've seen" (emphasis ours). "[C]hild porn is widespread, and video images of younger and younger victims lead buyers to demand younger and younger victims in order to fulfill the fantasies ignited . . . "

Smith takes us on a horrifying journey alongside several of these victims, girls as young as 11. "Girls who haven't reached puberty. Children who should be in fifth grade. Many have never attended a school dance. Never learned how to use a locker. Never pondered a class schedule."

Like an unwitting toddler is lured with candy by a kidnapper, particularly vulnerable adolescent girls are gradually lured by a good-looking guy called a "spotter." The spotter stalks them, flatters them, buys them clothes, promises a grandiose future, and wins their unfailing devotion until these girls will do anything for him, even give their bodies to strange men to supply the money he needs. Thus is the young girl initiated. Said a former child sex trafficking victim from Atlanta, Georgia, " I met this guy and he said he was going to take care of me."

"Porn is then used to train a child in how to behave, what to say, how to sound, how to seem. Children are forced to watch and learn." The child's spirit is inevitably broken through a combination of repeated "psychological manipulation; intimidation; gang rape; sodomy; beatings; deprivation of food or sleep; isolation from family, friends, and other sources of support; and threatening" of loved ones. After this "training" period, these young girls are easily "sold," often to numerous customers per night. To quote a former child sex trafficking victim from Kansas City, Missouri, "The first 20 or so times were the hardest. Then you sort of get used to it and you don't think as much about it."

The young girl learns to pick out sexy outfits, is treated to getting her nails and hair done, even to breast implants. Often she is "in love" with her pimp, though he uses and abuses her in every way including taking all the money she receives from customers. As such, these young girls may not look or behave like victims, but they most certainly are. To point out how brainwashed these victims are, Smith tells the true story of one girl who was found several states away and returned to her grandmother, but who then ran away and returned to her pimp the first chance she got.

This is the author's message: that these kids are individuals with heart-breaking stories, products molded and manufactured for the lively and lucrative marketplace of child prostitution, young people in endless supply who desperately need rescuing physically, psychologically, spiritually. What can be done? Smith, highly involved in lawmaking circles, outlines seven steps toward awareness, rescue and rehabilitation, and punishments for predators. She emphasizes that blame must fall where it belongs: not on the child on the street as it now does (the child is the one who gets arrested), but on the degenerate customers who get away with hired child sex, the pimps, and the facilitators.

More and better laws and policies may certainly help here and there. But as Smith points out, it's our culture, the public resolve, that must change. The permissive, depraved, self-indulgent, oversexed, perverse world we are living in today has lit up the road to child sex slavery like the Las Vegas strip. What did we expect?

It seems that even if that portion of our national posterity escapes being destroyed before it can be born, it is then in danger of being robbed of innocence and virtue, that which is most precious next to life itself. Traditional moral values (which come from God) regarding human worth and dignity along with proper marriage as the only natural and right context for sex and sexuality, need a society-wide comeback or child sex slavery will only increase no matter what laws are on the books.

Click here to read about Renting Lacy. Click here to order Renting Lacy by Linda Smith for half price. Click here to learn about Shared Hope International, which exists to prevent and eradicate sex trafficking and slavery through education and public awareness.

--Janice Graham

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