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PFOX at Values Voter Summit


September 30, 2012

PFOX at Values Voter Summit

Thanks to your continuing gifts, PFOX exhibited at the Values Voter conference sponsored by the Family Research Council, the Heritage Foundation, the American Family Association, and Liberty Counsel. PFOX remains the only exhibitor to deal exclusively with the issue of sexual orientation, so it was a good thing we attended.

Because this is an election year, numerous Christians and social conservatives from all over the country gathered at this year's Values Voter Summit. Many stopped by our exhibit booth to speak with ex-gays and our moms & dads. The attendees picked up our various PFOX brochures on sexual orientation change, gender identity disorder, bullying, same-sex attractions and teens, and tolerance for the ex-gay community. We encouraged everyone to take brochures back home to distribute to their youth groups and Bible study groups.

Our new religious flyer was also a great hit. You can see it at  

Let us know what you think. With enough donations, we hope to develop the flyer into a brochure and distribute it widely to churches and Christians nationwide.

Last year homosexual activist Wayne Besen and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) jointly staged a protest outside of FRC's Values Voters conference, falsely accusing FRC and the American Family Association of hatred and lies.  Both Besen and the SPLC had taken out an ad in the Washington Post falsely blaming FRC for gays being more likely "to be victimized by violent hate crimes" and "driven to suicide by relentless bullying." 

This year the controversial Wayne Besen was back again, filming homosexual activists who unfurled a rainbow flag outside the lobby where Rick Santorum was speaking, all the while chanting --"Your values are killing us." 

When homosexual activists insist that conservative values are "killing" them, and try to incite other homosexuals to erroneously think the same way, violence can occur. We saw that with the attempted murder of FRC employees by a homosexual shooter last month. Tony Perkins, FRC's president, has blamed the SPLC and its rhetoric of hateful lies against FRC for helping to create a climate that led to shooter Floyd Corkins' actions. Yet producers of the O'Reilly Factor continue to feature Wayne Besen, a radical homosexual activist aligned with the SPLC, as a guest commentator on the popular Bill O'Reilly television show. 

FRC's courageous security guard, Leo Johnson, who tackled the homicidal shooter, was given an award on stage by Tony Perkins. His arm in a sling due to his gunshot wound, Mr. Johnson accepted the award to a standing ovation.

The Southern Poverty Law Center and Wayne Besen are united in demonizing conservative organizations and individuals.  It's time that the O'Reilly Factor cease using Besen as a guest commentator. When Fox News provides a forum to a radical homosexual activist known for employing inflammatory and hateful language in the service of promoting lies, the network becomes complicit in the damage done to the victims of Wayne Besen's and the SPLC's smear campaigns.

Please sign our petition to Bill O'Reilly and Fox News and request that they find more ethical spokespersons!  Sign our petition at 

The PFOX Exhibit Booth table

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