Tuesday, October 16, 2012

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Dear MMA Supporter,

Same-sex marriage activists have raised over $3.2 million to help them redefine marriage in Maryland.

They have raised over 3 times more than the Maryland Marriage Alliance.

This means not only do they have more money to pay for out-of-state campaign workers, they also have money to blanket television, radio and print with ads to persuade your neighbors to redefine marriage.

The simple truth is that if we do not raise $500,000 over the next 5 days, we will not be able to buy the ads to combat the myths that they are spreading in the media. 
Below is the link to an ad that we would like to share with your neighbors.  We need your financial support to purchase airtime.  We need you to make a leadership donation so that all Marylanders will understand what is at stake if same-sex marriage becomes law.

Together we can a make a difference.  Can we count on you to support marriage today? 

Derek McCoy

Chairman, Maryland Marriage Alliance


October 16, 2012

STATEMENT: Derek McCoy, Chairman Maryland Marriage Alliance
MMA Releases New Ad Sharing the Threat to Religious Liberties and Individual Rights


The Maryland Marriage Alliance continues to urge Gallaudet officials to reinstate Dr. Angela McCaskill without concessions.  Gallaudet’s President T. Alan Hurwitz’s recent statement indicating that his decision to place Dr. McCaskill on administrative leave was “prudent” is offensive and a further attack on the democratic process.
Dr. McCaskill has done absolutely nothing wrong.  She has done what every Maryland voter has the right to do, engage in the democratic process.   Placing her on administrative leave was not prudent, fair or honorable. 
Our alliance of diverse stakeholders across the state have warned Marylanders about the religious liberties and individual rights that are compromised if same-sex marriage is made law. 
Homosexual activists continue to cry that individual and religious liberties are not at risk.  The suspension of Dr. McCaskill is proof of the disingenuous and untruthful nature of that argument. 
Dr. McCaskill has worked on the campus of an American college for the deaf and hard of hearing for over 20 years.  If the marketplace of ideas and freedom of expression is not prized in that environment, how can we ever expect it to survive elsewhere if same-sex marriage activists prevail?

Today the Maryland Marriage Alliance will release a commercial telling Marylanders what homosexual activists do not tell them about question six.

The 30-second ad highlights the consequences and threats that Marylanders face when same-sex marriage becomes law. 

To protect marriage and religious liberties, Marylanders must vote AGAINST question six. 


This is an urgent appeal for you to make a leadership pledge of $75, $100, $250, $500 or $1000.

We must have your support to share the truth about what happens to religious liberties and individual rights if same-sex marriage becomes law.


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