Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Your Silence: Their Secret Weapon

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Volume 7, Issue 39

October 16th, 2012

Dear Friend,

This week's newsletter features something a little different. Our new contributor, Stella Morabito, was once an expert on Soviet propaganda. She has written something on why YOU should speak up for marriage: why even your little statements in defense of marriage really are important. I hope you will read her important article and take it to heart.

I also want to share with you our Pyramid of Involvement. The idea is that there are a lot more people on our side of the marriage and life issues than there are people on the other side. We just need to get our people off the bench and onto the playing field. This little Pyramid can help you understand how you fit in, and how you can contribute even more than you already are.

At the lowest tier of the pyramid is "Keep the Faith." Keep believing that marriage is between a man and a woman and that marriage is the proper context for sexual activity and child-bearing. Second step: inform yourself. Learn more about how the FACTS support the ancient Christian, Biblically-based teaching on marriage and sexuality.

And notice this: everyone who gets this newsletter is already half-way up the Pyramid! You are already Keeping the Faith and Informing Yourself.

The next step is Speak Out. This is what Stella's article is all about. You can start speaking out by thinking of other people who agree with you. These are people who need your support in keeping the faith and in becoming better informed. Start by sending them this newsletter so they too, can get involved!

After those folks, start thinking of people who aren't sure what they think. Start talking with them, as Stella suggests.

The final step of the Pyramid is Show Up. That means show up to all the events that matter in your circle of influence. Participate in your professional associations, neighborhood groups and civic and religious organizations. Once you are there, you can speak out in favor of traditional values, and begin to shape your organizations. You can make a difference. 

Print out a copy of the Pyramid of Involvement. Hang it on your refrigerator, and add names to it, as you think of people. Keep it in your mind that it is YOUR JOB to make progress for traditional values. Get more people more involved. Only you can do this.

Thanks so much, and enjoy Stella's article!

Dr. J

 Dr J & Austin Muck on "A Closer Look"

Dr. J and Austin Muck, are guests of Sheila Liaugminas on Relevant Radio's "A Closer Look." They're discussing the essential public purpose of marriage--why government is involved in the institution at all. Austin interned at the Ruth Institute as part of the Alliance Defending Freedom's Blackstone Legal Fellowship. (Click the POD icon.)

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I wonder that, too

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Your Silence: Their Secret Weapon

By Stella Morabito, a Washington DC-based writer who focuses on issues of society, culture and education. In her past work as an intelligence analyst, she specialized in Russian and Soviet politics, ideology, and media. She testified against the Maryland legislation to redefine marriage and has written several op-eds on the marriage issue for the Washington Examiner. She has a master's degree in Russian history from the University of Southern California.

Think for a minute about the silencer on a gun. What is its purpose?

While a silencer doesn't do the actual killing, it is a tool by which its user can escape undetected and make more hits.

And herein lies an analogy to the debate about redefining marriage.

Arguments in favor of redefinition – "equality," "stability," etc. -- cannot withstand prolonged scrutiny. They absolutely require suppression of dissent before the agenda can be consolidated through judicial fiat or legislation.

In fact, the spin supporting genderless marriage is likely fueled far more by the silencing of opposition than it is by the noise of Hollywood and the mainstream media in favor. When we muffle our own voices – out of fear evoked by political correctness -- we aid and abet the opposition as it ambushes the public with distortions.

Keep reading.

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