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HIV: What kids aren't told

HIV: What kids aren't told

Miriam Grossman MD
Miriam Grossman MD


"You've become a household name here at Hopkins psychiatry as the best contemporary example of a good doctor who notices what is happening around her and to her patients and strives to do something about it."  - PAUL MCHUGH, MD, Distinguished Professor of Psychiatry, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine "

"Congratulations on being a light in the darkness."  - JEROME SINSKY, MD, Gynecologist, San Diego, CA "

"There are many of us [campus physicians] who agree with you....You are not alone in your observations and concerns." - PATRICIA GEIGER, MD, Director of Student Health Services, Appalachian State University "

December 1st is World AIDS Day.

Get ready for the same old messages:
   "Everyone is at risk."
   "We must fight homophobia."
   "We need more funding."

What you won't hear are the politically incorrect facts that can save lives!

In this week's blog post "Comprehensive sex ed is hardly comprehensive - Part One" you'll learn how popular sex ed curricula teach students half-truths, leaving them ignorant of the facts they need to protect their health.

Comprehensive sex ed is hardly comprehensive - Part One

Jon Potterat was the director of STD/AIDS programs in Colorado Springs for almost thirty years, and is the author of 203 scholarly publications. 
I recently had a chance to show Jon some portions of the HiTops curriculum, and ask for his opinion.

One item we discussed was this Q&A:

HiTops Question: Who is at risk for HIV?

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