Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pastor Lively to Explore Run for MA Governor

> For Immediate Release, November 14, 2012
> Contact: Pastor Scott Lively, 413-250-0984
> Springfield Pastor Forms Committee to Explore Run For Governor
> Pastor Scott Lively of Springfield today announced the formation of a
> committee to explore the possibility of a run for the governorship of
> Massachusetts. A fifth generation Bay Stater, born and raised in the
> Village of Shelburne Falls, Pastor Lively was for many years a
> Christian missionary and social activist in various parts of the
> world, based primarily in Oregon and California. In 2008, following a
> year-long speaking tour through eight countries of the former Soviet
> Union, he and his wife Anne moved back to Massachusetts to start a
> mission to the poor and disadvantaged in inner-city Springfield. They
> bought a home in the heart of the troubled McNight neighborhood and
> opened a church and ministry center called Holy Grounds Coffee House,
> strategically located on State Street between the Downtown and Mason
> Square areas, to serve the homeless and street populations of the
> city.
> Pastor Lively has successfully organized a large network of Christians
> from a variety of local churches who now regularly cooperate together
> to carry on inner-city outreach and evangelism through annual events
> such as the March For Jesus and Family Day and through a full schedule
> of daily and weekly activities based at Holy Grounds Coffee House.
> The mission's most visible impact on the city has been its TRUST JESUS
> Campaign, which encourages all the Christians of the area to unify
> around that simple Gospel message and display it publicly. Through
> these efforts many lives in inner-city Springfield have been changed
> for the better and a return to biblical values is being recognized by
> an increasing number of residents as the only real solution to
> Springfield's problems.
> On September 30th of this year Pastor Lively turned over the
> day-to-day management of the mission to Pastor C.S. Cooley, senior
> pastor at United Temple Church of God in Christ and a highly respected
> leader in the community. Pastor Lively remains the pastor of the
> Coffee House Church, which holds services at Holy Grounds on Sunday
> afternoons, and will continue to serve as a member of the board of
> Redemption Gate Mission Society, the umbrella organization over the
> various ministries at the mission.
> On October 1st, Pastor Lively launched a new effort called the King
> Josiah Project to begin challenging movements and ideologies in
> Massachusetts which he perceives as being most responsible for the
> moral and economic degeneration of Springfield and the state. These
> include in order of destructiveness: The abortion industry, the
> homosexual movement, the public education system, corrupt elements in
> state government, and a broken social welfare system that breeds
> dependency instead of rebuilding lives. The King Josiah Project is
> being conducted under the auspices of Abiding Truth Ministries, a
> 501(c)(3) religious non-profit organization founded by Pastor Lively
> in 1997 to promote and defend biblical values in society. As he has
> done in other states and nations for more than 20 years, Pastor Lively
> will engage in social activism in Springfield and around the state to
> rally Christians and other social conservatives to oppose these social
> ills and to attempt to cure them through a return to biblical values.
> If, in the course of these efforts, his exploratory committee
> determines that a run for governor would complement the larger purpose
> of turning Massachusetts back to God, Pastor Lively will enter the
> race to win the governorship.
> Pastor Lively (54) is fully qualified to serve as governor were he to
> be elected. An attorney as well as a pastor, he graduated magna cum
> laude from Trinity Law School in Santa Ana, California, and was
> managing partner of his own successful law firm in Southern
> California, with a flawless personal record before the state bar.
> While running the for-profit firm he also founded the Pro-Family Law
> Center, a public interest law firm specializing in constitutional law,
> taking his most significant case, Good News Employee Association v.
> Hicks all the way to the Federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, where
> he argued the First Amendment before a three judge panel held in
> special session at Stanford University.
> Pastor Lively holds a Certificaté in International Human Rights from
> the Institute of International Human Rights in Strasburg, France, and
> is the author of the Riga Declaration on Religious Freedom, Family
> Values and Human Rights (2006).
> Pastor Lively is an internationally recognized authority on biblical
> values in public policy, serving as an educator, trainer and
> consultant to church, community and government leaders in more than 30
> countries, and as a media figure in more than 700 radio and television
> interviews here at home. He is known as the "Father of the Ugandan
> Homosexual Movement" for his work in that country, and his efforts in
> Russia, Eastern Europe and the Baltics have strengthened both the
> Christian church and social resistance to the homosexualization of
> those regions.
> Pastor Lively holds a Doctor of Theology degree from the School of
> Bible Theology of the Pentecostal Assemblies of God, studying directly
> with PAGA founder Dr. Richard Anderson, who went home to be with the
> Lord October 11, 2012 after 79 years of active ministry. He was 92.
> In 2009, Pastor Lively's doctoral thesis was revised and published in
> book form under the title Redeeming the Rainbow: A Christian Response
> to the "Gay" Agenda, which may be downloaded in PDF form at
> Pastor Lively is the author of four other books, including The Pink
> Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party which is in its fourth
> edition and has been translated into five languages. A fifth edition
> is in progress, a sample of which may be viewed at
> He is the author of
> countless articles, editorials and essays, many of which are published
> online at and/or
> Pastor Lively, the oldest of six children in a Roman Catholic family,
> achieved all of these accomplishments despite tremendous hardship and
> tumult in his early life: becoming homeless and on his own at the age
> of sixteen after his father's steadily deteriorating mental health
> left the family destitute; falling into alcoholism and drug addiction
> from the age of twelve; and finally drifting around the United States
> as a transient in his late teens and early twenties, sleeping under
> bridges and begging spare change to survive. He accepted Jesus Christ
> as Savior in prayer in 1986 and was instantaneously completely healed.
> With this background, Pastor Lively has a unique perspective, not
> just on social justice and the needs of the disadvantaged and mentally
> ill, but also the amazing transformative power of Christianity.
> Asked why he is considering a run for governor, Lively replied "I am
> greatly dismayed at the breakdown of family and morality here in
> Massachusetts over the past few decades. This state desperately needs
> a return to God and that means the people of God must begin boldly
> speaking out about His power to solve our many problems. We also need
> to speak against the social and moral evils that have come to dominate
> our culture in the absence of God. I can't think of any better
> platform to advocate this view than as governor of the state. I don't
> know of anyone else willing to take the abuse for daring to say these
> things in the political arena, so I have formed a committee to explore
> the possibility of entering that race myself."

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