Monday, November 19, 2012

videos from a former lesbian

 Homosexuality From A Christian Perspective / "What The Book Says" (28 minutes)
In this part of the DVD, Charlene and Kent spend the video's 28 minutes discussing specific Scripture that states God's word on the subject matter of homosexuality. Both Charlene and Kent provide personal insight into how many attempt to refute God's word and justify their homosexuality.
Homosexuality From A Christian Perspective / "Bridging The Gap" (27 minutes)
Charlene shares about her ministry, Bridging The Gaps Ministries, and how she hopes to come alongside the Church and help them to minister compassionate truth-telling and grace to a world affected and impacted by homosexuality. Charlene's ministry website is
Homosexuality From A Christian Perspective / "Contemporary Issues" (28 minutes)
In this section Charlene and Kent discuss the issues of gay adoption, gay marriage, gay rights, and other cultural impacts.
Rev Charlene E Hios
Executive Director
Bridging The Gaps Ministries
PO Box 1013
Mill Valley, California

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