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Fwd: PRESS RELEASE: Chaplain sues Mikey Weinstein for Lying, Defamation, Abuse


Please donate here to our "Sue Mikey Weinstein Fund" and stop anti-Jesus persecution of our troops and military members, including Mikey's damages to Dr. Chaps' reputation.

PRESS RELEASE:  Chaplain sues Mikey Weinstein for Lying, Defamation, Abuse

today I'm announcing I have sued Mikey Weinstein with a new lawsuit, and you can help defend religious liberty.  You may remember Mikey as the anti-Jesus activist who is demanding President Obama throw any speech about Jesus out of our military, and stop free-speech rights by evangelical Christians or chaplains who serve.

What if all Christians were silenced or removed from our military?
Would an atheist, anti-Jesus military soon turn their weapons against Christians?

Mikey is The Key figure demanding Obama's Pentagon silence Christians.  But now Mikey overplayed his hand by defaming me personally, (and having lost his baseless lawsuit that tried to stop me from quoting the Bible in my prayers to God), so now we can stop his aggressive tactics. This issue goes way beyond me.  This man is a key instigator in the moral destruction of our military. If you agree an anti-Christian military would only protect its immoral government, not the rights of God's people, then please join me in the effort.  

Please donate either 100 dollars, 1,000 dollars, or any amount here, to our "Sue Mikey Weinstein Fund" and together we will defend evangelical Christians in our military.

PRESS RELEASE: Chaplain sues Mikey Weinstein for Lying, Defamation, Abuse.

(Albuquerque,, 3 Dec 12.) The former Navy Chaplain who took a stand to pray "in Jesus' name" (and was later vindicated by Congress) filed a breaking news defamation lawsuit against the militant anti-Christian activist Mikey Weinstein, who got served yesterday. Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt, PhD, just filed the new legal complaint in New Mexico State Court, citing multiple counts of defamation and malicious abuse of the legal process by Weinstein and his openly anti-Christian organization the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, Inc.

The legal complaint, posted here (, alleges how Weinstein lied and repeatedly made false statements about Dr. Klingenschmitt, blaming his 2009 prayers to God for somehow causing unidentified others to commit alleged acts of vandalism in 2006, 2007, or 2008. In newspapers, in court, and on a national radio show, Weinstein blamed the Chaplain's 2009 prayers for causing earlier vandalism, including having "the windows shot out of our house, we've had beer bottles and feces hurled at the house, we've had animals slaughtered and put on the front door, we've had um, swastikas and crucifixes marked on the house, they've been on our roof, they've been in our driveway." But under oath Weinstein apparently admitted the opposite, since all these alleged events happened in 2006, 2007, or 2008, and therefore could not have been caused by the Chaplain in 2009 as Weinstein falsely claimed.

"Unless he believes in time travel, Weinstein knew he was lying about me, and he did so repeatedly," said the Chaplain. Over 3,000 web-sites have repeated Weinstein's defamatory words by falsely associating the Chaplain with animal carcasses. This obsession to harm the Chaplain began in 2006, and Weinstein has blogged against the Chaplain about 87 times on his web-site.

In 2009, Weinstein even filed a baseless lawsuit against the Chaplain that was later dismissed for lack of causation by a Texas Judge. "By lying in court about a timeline of causation he knew to be false, we believe Weinstein has maliciously abused the legal process," said the Chaplain's attorney Kelly O'Connell. Weinstein and MRFF have filed and lost up to five baseless lawsuits against the military or against Christian freedom of speech in recent years, legal abuse that may also violate New Mexico law.

Weinstein declared his MRFF organization is at war in a "death fight" against 12.6 percent of the American public or 38 million Christians. He once threatened violence against the Chaplain, saying he wished "to beat the **** out of him … in an alley behind a Safeway," confirmed the Dallas Morning News. Many similar quotes by Weinstein against other Christians are listed here ( Tired of being stalked and threatened with beatings and bombings, the Chaplain has had enough.

"We're taking donations for our 'Sue Mikey Weinstein Fund' at my non-profit ministry web-site (" said the Chaplain. "I'm confident many military members and my fellow Air Force Academy graduates are fed up with Weinstein's actions. By lying in court, lying to the press, and lying on a national radio program, I believe Mikey has violated the cadet honor code of the Academy. I invite former cadets and other service-members to show their displeasure by supporting this legal action that will end Weinstein's trail of dishonor to our military."

For interviews, contact attorney Kelly O'Connell at 575-496-6359,, or Dr. Klingenschmitt at 719-360-5132, Christians please donate at

Please donate either 100 dollars, 1,000 dollars, or any amount here, to our "Sue Mikey Weinstein Fund" and together we will defend evangelical Christians in our military.

God Bless you, in Jesus' name,

Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt, PhD

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