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Gays Against Gay Marriage: Do They Exist? Do They Matter?

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Volume 7, Issue 46

December 11th, 2012

Gays Against Gay Marriage: Do They Exist? Do They Matter?

by Jennifer Thieme, Ruth Institute Director of Finance and Advancement

This article was first published at Clash Daily on September 25, 2012.

Recently I had an exchange on Facebook about redefining marriage to include gay couples. I mentioned something about conservative gays against gay marriage, and a friend replied to me, saying:

"I for one have never heard of a conservative gay … so that's a new one on me."

I wasn't surprised when he said it, because I didn't know that conservative gays existed either until the past couple years. Like him, I thought all gays were liberals.

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But conservative gays do exist. There are gays who do not agree with the gay marriage issue.

I keep wondering why liberal gays get all the media attention. Why are liberal gays the only gays you see on TV with signs and banners? Why are they the ones who get interviews and publicity, and not the others? Isn't the marriage issue a gay issue?

Well actually, no, it's not. And that's why gays against gay marriage get zero publicity. If they did, it might become clear to the American public that the marriage issue is not a gay issue.

Liberals want to redefine marriage, which means they are about to legally redefine the relationship between two sets of people:
Married couples between one another
Parents and their children

You see, traditional marriage means gendered marriage. It means marriage has a gender requirement – each gender must be present. It's why we have terms such as "bride" and "groom" on marriage licenses.

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