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Thoughts from Standard of Liberty on

Here are some thoughts from Standard of Liberty relative to the website.

Standard of Liberty Concerns about

This is the first time the Church has referred to those with homosexual attraction by the sexually and politically-charged and popular labels gay and lesbian.

The following false premises are taken for granted repeatedly throughout the website:

The false premise that gayness is permanent in a person's life, that it is an identity.

The false premise that there's nothing wrong or bad about being same-sex attracted, that homosexual lust is not a sin.

The false premise that since some outspoken people claim they can't change, change is so rare as to hardly be discussed as an option.

The false premise that the gospel is just about feeling loved. The gospel is this: God loved us so He sent His Son so we could repent, be forgiven, change, and gain eternal life.

The website stunningly omits these truths:

There is no significant mention of the basic principles of the gospel such as sin and repentance.

Nowhere does it say that attitudes toward sexuality are learned and developed.

Nowhere does it mention the influences (stereotypes, abuse, pornography, pro-gay propaganda) that develop homosexuality.

Nowhere does it tell or show that highly successful professional counseling is available to help individuals overcome unwanted tendencies.

Nowhere does it say that thousands of people have changed and live lives free of homosexual temptations.

If this web site is taken seriously Church members must now:

Be especially nice to gays (as if they haven't been).

Be especially nice to gays as if they deserve special treatment over everyone else.

Be especially nice to gays even if they flaunt, model, teach, and promote gayness.

Abandon or hide deeply-held God-based beliefs and values.

Deny personal experiences and keep them to yourself if they in any way disrespect or cast negativity on gayness.

Put aside what they know to be true about the dark, sinful, pornographic, and predatory nature of homosexuality.     

Words and phrases used repeatedly on this website are vague, confusing, and undefined, such as:

Reach out: So we are supposed to specially glad-hand, praise, include, admire, and talk-up gays just because of their perverse sexuality? This is shallow and phony. It is also detrimental to the gay person who should be being taught that theirs and everyone else's immeasurable worth comes from God and is not dependent on their sexuality, their looks, their talents, their thoughts and acts good or bad, how people treat them, or any other factor.

Let them share: So we are supposed to welcome their stories about yearning for homosexual relationships?
Understanding: This word appears 50 times. What is there to understand? That gays are different so we should feel sorry for them? (Lots of people are different in lots of ways.) That gay people lust after their same sex? The false idea that healthy people can't control their thoughts and desires? That we should feel sorry for them because God says they mustn't act on these filthy lusts? Perhaps what we are really to understand is that gays are given a pass while the rest of us must keep the commandment to purify our hearts and minds and our temple covenant to keep our passions and desires in God's bounds. By the way, there is no such understanding, sharing, or reaching out mentioned when it comes to ex-gays.

Temptations toward bad behavior are not a sin unless yielded to: The first part of this statement is probably the most quoted talking point in the Mormon gay community. But the same Church leaders on this website and practically every other Church leader has said the very opposite even as recently as last General Conference. They have repeatedly stated that thoughts (temptations) can indeed be sinful and we will be accountable to God for them. They warn that bad thoughts lead to bad behavior and must be resisted and repented of. This website says nothing about resisting or repenting of homosexual lusts (temptations).

And what does the word yield mean? Indulging in the thoughts and feelings for more than a second, a minute, half an hour, an hour? How many times a day? Does the word yield mean indulging in same-sex sexual fantasies? Using gay porn? Masturbating to gay porn? Producing and/or posting gay porn? Discussing gay sex? Persuading others of the joys of being gay? Obsessing over sex? Publically identifying as gay, a sexually and politically-charged label? Lewd talk? Gay chat rooms? Phone sex? Flirting? Dating? Holding hands? Hugging? Kissing? Making out? Touching? Oral sex? "Levi loving?" Anything else short of sodomy? On which end, the giving or receiving? As can be seen, where homosexuality is concerned, the distinction between temptations and acting out are so vague as to not matter much at all. Either gayness is all good or all bad. For instance, pornography addiction (not considered acting out?) destroys lives. While some temporal and immediate consequences may hinge on physical acting out, pretending that temptations toward evil occurring inside us, which is the temple of God, are not sinful only encourages filthy minds separated from God and leads to more wicked choices. This distinguishing between the soul (heart and mind) and the body shows a stunning disregard for the overall health and well-being of the whole person, their relationship to God, and the welfare of their eternal souls. And this coming from the Church of Jesus Christ!

This website will have many disastrous consequences such as:

Blindly obedient Church members and families will abandon their God-based traditional family values, gospel doctrines, timeless truths, and realities as they unquestioningly accept gayness in people as who they are.

Straight missionaries may well be paired up with gay missionaries. This is as inappropriate and unfair as opposite sexes living together. The same problem goes for college dorms, showers, rest rooms, and locker rooms, including in our temples.

Now that the shoe is on the other foot, emboldened gays may goad and taunt straights until they lash out in frustration. This has already occurred. It was the straight boys who were expelled from BYU. This could happen to missionaries who are faced with gay companions. Militant gays are really good at getting people in trouble. If the Church is worried about law suits, it should be exponentially worried now.

Because gay acting out is not defined, many behaviors will be winked at.

The false premises listed above will have the suggestive effect of encouraging vulnerable young people toward adopting the trendy gay identity, of spreading it among their peers, and also of predatory homosexuals indoctrinating/initiating younger people. Many gays will certainly go ahead and proceed to act out in increasing degrees if they haven't already. Homosex is almost always done and spread in secret.

Because we're supposed to understand and love gays, and gay acting out is not defined, many behaviors will be overlooked or allowed by families, friends, members, and leaders. For those addicted or obsessed with sex, things can rapidly develop. These sex acts are compulsive and difficult to resist. Experts say it's like being on drugs. And people who are involved enough to publically proclaim they are gay are definitely obsessed. We can't call gay good and expect these individuals not to act out. Spiritual and physical disease and death will proliferate. (There is no cure for AIDS as Elder Cook mistakenly  alluded to on the website. Medications can abate it but homosexual males still suffer and die early deaths from it. In fact, HIV/AIDS is more of a problem than ever what with the use of methamphetamines which cause afflicted gays to go on sex binges, feel invulnerable, forget to take their meds, and spread the disease.)
Gay is either good or bad. One view will be preferred and the other harmed. If this website is taken to heart, the following people will now be the ones harmed:  

Those who testify that the gospel principles of sin and repentance and redemption apply to the sin of homosexuality just as they do to all our flaws, weaknesses, and sins.

Those who speak out against the many types of dangers of homosexualism and the homosexual lifestyle.

Those who share facts about the links between homosexuality and pornography, masturbation, pedophilia, drug abuse, and violence.
Those who quote scriptures or Church leaders about the wickedness of homosexuality.

Those who write or speak about coming out of homosexuality.

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